Rock Band, Yogurt and Haribo Jogi Bussi

The crowd goes wild. Haribo Jogi Bussi is pretty darn good. Thick gummy texture. Haribo's signiture fruity flavors and a twist - these are actually filled with liquid yogurt. They also have that layer of foam on the bottom that seems perfect as an addition to Haribo's gummy's but too much when its the main course. This all worked perfectly for me.

Reviewed by Scotty

February 8, 2010


jogi_bussi_bagHaribo’s Jogi Bussi
There are a lot of similarities here at Candygurus.
We are all brilliant – we’re GURUS dammit – watcha expect?
We know our candy like no others – at least none of the peeps in our immediate friend and family base.
We are swell lookers
And none of us are Chinese
Need I go on?
But we also have some differences. Jonny works in the sound industry, Matty in tech and I am the Master of Pain Delivery (sports massage therapist). Actually we are much more alike than different and while our tastes in candy usually click, sometimes they vary greatly. And we are not shy about opining those tastes – we’re not going to ram it down your throats but we’re also not going to hold them in. So this is why I am dedicating this post to my lovely wife.
Get it?
Didn’t think so.
I’ll explain it again for the first time.

My family was visiting at Jonny Guru’s house. Very nice house by the way. And Jonny has a bit of a candy collection – plenty good, plenty bad. So he breaks out a couple of bags of treats and one is Haribo’s Jogi Bussi. Then goes on to eat one and rip it. I don’t remember exactly what he said – its not like I was toasted or something or maybe I was but it went jogi_bussi_gummyssomething like “these suck….. yogurty crap squirting out…. blech…. don’t forget to take these home with you…. PLEASE” Jonny is very polite. I tried one or two before dinner and thought they were ok but not very impressive.
Anyway, an hour later my wife starts plowing through the bag – commenting – I actually like these… these are pretty good… etc… So I did take them home. And noted that I would give these another try. How bad can her taste be – she chose me, right. That was probably not the best argument in favor of her good taste but I trust her.
So last night, after the misses and Guru-ette Jr. are out for the night, I find myself searching through the pantry for a snack. Rock Gods need snacks and on Guitar Hero, I am a Rock God. Which is pretty funny because I can play the guitar – yet I suck. And I’m not even really all that good at Guitar Hero. But my daughter just loves it when I raise my guitar, thanking all my fans, savoring the applause from the Nintendo Wii system. Seriously – the crowd goes wild and to me and her – I am a Rock God. And Rock Gods need snacks. So I’m searching and then it hits me – take another look-see at the Haribo’s Jogi Bussi.
I do and “the crowd goes wild”. They are pretty darn good. Thick gummy texture. Haribo’s signiture fruity flavors and a twist – these are actually filled with liquid yogurt. They also have that layer of foam on the bottom that seems perfect as an addition to Haribo’s gummy’s but too much when its the main course. This all worked perfectly. After a couple of sets – I reallyjogi_bussi_sliced Rocked out in Miami – I realized that I had eaten about three quarters of the bag. Either one of my groupies snuck in and helped her cute little self to some of these or I really like them.
I think the yogurt really messed up Jonny but they were just right for my tastes and gummy-candy-eating-habits. I could pop one in and let it sit while the foam melted away and then bite through gently and suck out the fruity-yogurty-cream, then I was left with Haribo’s high quality gummy. The flavors seem to be Strawberry, Peach, Apple, Pear and maybe Banana by looks of the bag – I didn’t really taste banana but the others all seemed distinctly different although a bit difficult to tell what they actually were with all the different layers of texture and flavor.
Regardless, I really liked these. I found them tasty and interesting and would definitely buy them again.
I might buy a bunch of bags of these to toss out to my adoring fans next time I rock out. I hope the bags don’t damage my TV.

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  1. luke

    nice review scott. i appreciate your open mind and more adventurous palate. this sounds like something i would enjoy. i really appreciate the reviews you guys do. my favorite company is also haribo. thanks to you i know what i will like and what not to waste my money on and thats important to me. we cant all support a heroin habit, being poor and all, my drug of choice is CANDYYY. mmmm…

  2. Susie

    Hahahaaa, a mask? How did you know? I don´t usually wear it in public, only at home in my cellar… oops. Don´t tell anyone, okay?

  3. Scotty

    Who are you Susie? Do you wear a mask?

    I didn’t know that you were Jonny’s source.

  4. Susie

    Hi Scotty,

    Why don´t you have a word with Jonny? I keep him updated on anything worthy of eating / reviewing – he should get his parcels with new stuff in the next couple of weeks (oops, that might have been a secret – now he will have to share.. sorry, Jonny!)

    Checking the Haribo website is always a good idea:
    Choose the “Neuheiten” button and you will see any new releases! For any translation questions, contact me or Jonny (he is fluent in HARIBO-speak, haha)..

    Same goes for Trolli:

    Have fun!

  5. Scotty


    I have an employee who is coming to Germany in a couple of months. Do you have any ideas of what we “have to try”? She says she will bring me back as much as we want. And thanks for the feedback.

  6. Scotty

    Expand your mind Jonny.
    BTW – try popping these in the fridge for a bit. It changes the consistency of yogurt. Yum.

  7. Jonny

    Yuck. I feel like I’m splitting open a Salmon and….

    forget it. Let’s just say I used to work in a salmon hatchery and leave it at that.

  8. Matty

    I liked these too. As long as I ate them in one bite and didn’t bite half and leave the other half in my hand. I don’t want candy to drool all over my hands.

  9. Susie

    Hi Scotty,
    Your guess was almost spot on – I just checked: the flavours are actually apple/pear, strawberry, banana and apricot.
    Great review!
    Love from Germany,


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