Ritter Waffle package

Ritter sport waffel

Oh Nuts! This chocolate is mediocre. And nutty, oddly.

Reviewed by Jonny

December 17, 2021

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“You don’t review enough chocolate! You don’t do anything right! I hate you, you’re a failure!”

Ok, friends. We get it. We need to include more chocolate because you freaks NEED your chocolate reviewed! So here’s an uncommon one:

Straight from Germany, it’s Ritter Sport Waffel. By now, most of you MUST have either seen these or tried them-hell, they’re available at Target. A big, square German piece of chocolate, usually milk, that has crap in it. This time, the crap is a waffle cookie thing.

So KIND OF like a Kit Kat, which…was never my favorite (Matty will strongly disagree with that take, but don’t talk to me about it, talk to my taste buds). So that’s essentially what you’re getting here, a more expensive German Kit Kat.

Wanna know why we don’t review more chocolate? Because IT’S ALL THE SAME. I mean shit. Yes, this is German milk chocolate but it’s still (to me) mediocre milk chocolate with a wafer cookie. It’s a Kit Kat. I’m betting if I put this in the fridge, it would be a bit better, but still, it’s just not my jam.

And here’s another thing about the Ritter Sport Waffels: You’d never know it from the name or concept, but there are Hazelnuts in it. Not a concern for those without food allergies, but for those who do, or live with people who have them? This, and all Ritter bars can be dangerous. Yes, you can say this for any chocolatier, but having a nut IN a chocolate bar that doesn’t list or describe that on the front is dodgy in many countries, including the one I live in. This is a true concern for the allergen crowd.

And finally, why would you spend more on this chocolate? Just get some Kit Kats for wayyy less and don’t stress the nuts.

If you insist on buying Ritter Waffels, click here and buy your precious bougie chocolate. I’ll stick to gummies.

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  1. Matty

    It’s pretty dark for milk chocolate. Jussayin.


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