Ritter Ice Cream Parlor: Coffee Cream (Eiscafe)

I love coffee ice cream. Love it. But does this bar do it justice?

Reviewed by Jonny

December 17, 2014

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Ritter Sport chocolate bars have 722 known varieties. But why stop there?  Introducing one third of their “Ice Cream Parlor” line, coffee cream. Something or other.


Love their packaging. But sweet lord, do we really need yet another flavor?  Yes. Yes, we do. But is this the one?


My bar was pretty banged up on delivery, but you can get the gist from the photo above. And I really love coffee ice cream, it’s in my top 5.  I was jazzed to try this, even though it’s milk chocolate instead of the dark stuff. After a bite though…I was done.


It’s so super sweet (for me), and so creamy….I just wasn’t feeling it. I also didn’t feel like it tasted like any coffee ice cream I’ve ever had. Ultimately though…it comes down to the richness. It’s way over the top for a gummy/sour/licorice guy like me. I’m quite sure that chocolate lovers will get their eat on happily with this, as proven by the sharks I work with devouring it instantly when I shared it.


So I’d say…if you love Ritter bars and can handle extremely rich chocolate flavors…this might be excellent. If not, …pass on it.

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