Rio D’oro Green Smoothie

Cucumber juice candy? yes, actually, yes!

Reviewed by Jonny

February 24, 2021


Sometimes I’m faced with a dilemma: review something tough to find (especially for Americans) that’s interesting, or review something easy to find, but perhaps not that interesting? It’s a balance. So for those that might actually be able to find these, I present Green Smoothie gummies.

The idea here is simple, it’s a gummy representing a healthy green juice. We have green juice all over the place here in the Bay Area, and to be honest, it’s great-usually. It depends what kinds of fruit and veg you have in it, some can be overpowering, some can be underwhleming. But I love this idea. Also, note that they’re vegetarian, so these are fruit jellies, not gummies to be clear, albeit quite firm jellies.

I love the look of these things. Very natural concept.

the shapes are hearts, a “V” for vegetarian I suppose, and then “I heart”. huh? I heart? I heart what? Wouldn’t the shapes of the fruit & veg used be….more on message here? Seems like a bit of a miss, but no one cares what shapes the candy is in. They care about flavor and eating experience.

And let me tell you…these excel in those departments. The thing is, they could have focused on a fruit, or worse, on the way a green juice tastes as a whole, which would be kind of…muddy and hard to discern. They did it right. They took basic green juice flavor with some fruit edges, light notes of herbs, but the real flavor they focused on here is cucumber. And it’s amazing.

I’d never normally thing cucumber would be a good candy flavor base, but it’s great. Lime, mint, melon and other fruits play their role, but the cucumber is the star, as opposed to a lot of green juices I have where celery is the featured player. there’s something about cucumber which is herbaceous as fuck, but also a really interesting flavor. It works perfectly.

If you can find these, definitely pick them up for a really tasty and supremely unique sweet snack. I’m guessing it’s not quite ACTUALLY as healthy as green juice, but let’s just pretend that it is.

Zolli Candy

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  1. Susie

    There are two other varieties of these – carrot and beetroot flavour. Will send you a full set over soon.


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