Red Band Super Sour Bears

Maybe not super special, but they're best in class for sour gummy bears

Reviewed by Jonny

December 10, 2019

Candy You Ate As A Kid

This one’s gonna be super simple. These are the super sour bears:

Once you open the bag, you’ll notice that the bears are big. Or maybe you won’t, so I’m telling you, they are. About 2-3 times bigger than a Haribo Gold Bear.

And they’re amaaaaaaaaazing. These are SOUR. Not just tart, not tongue ripping sour, but perfectly sour. Nice flavors – good flavors – mixed with potent sour flavor that lasts. Outstanding.

I’m not really sure exactly what the flavors are, because in addition to being nicely subtle (there’s a lot of sour power going on that steals the show a bit), there’s also zero evidence online of these existing.

I picked them up at a Migros in Geneva, Switzerland, so that sorta puts a damper on me re-upping.
But if you see these in Europe, you need to buy them. On the one had they’re not a new concept, and they’re not special. Sorta like the iPhone 11 pro max. However, like that phone, it’s still the best version of sour gummy bears I’ve tried. Yes, I think I’d take these over Albanese’s or Haribo’s offering.

These are damn good. I “bearly” have any left!

Just take that last line as a holiday gift. Enjoy & savor it.

Zolli Candy


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