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Reviewed by Jonny

August 22, 2013

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The first thing I need to point out here is that I didn’t discover Raley’s on my own.  Rather, I read a fantastic review by Cybele over at the Candy Blog.  If you don’t read her site, you should.  Whereas we’re charming, juvenile and occasionally  funny, Cybele is witty, informative, and definitely knows her shit.  She’s like Paul Newman and we’re like Paul Rudd.  Or even Pauly Shore.

Hard candy is a tough thing to sell, let a lone make.  Sure, Cybele likes it and I’m a huge fan, but even my damn Candy Gurus partner WHO SHALL REMAIN UNNAMED isn’t a huge hard candy fan.  If not us, who? Or whom?

After I read Cybele’s review, I contacted Wes at Raley’s and he kindly sent me a few bags to check out.  First, blueberry:



I love the design, especially how it contrasts with the blue siding.  Does the look of candy matter to you?  It does to me–in fact, it’s a significant part of the experience.  Candy is color-at least in my opinion, it’s supposed to be.  That’s the whole basis of wonder for children, as they gaze at the many offerings in the candy shop : the variety of textures and colors are overwhelming, in the best way.

How about these?  These are the “Emoticandy” pack: all the designs are based on computer emoticons.



How excellent is grinning dude on the right?


A small aside, and I shit you not, this is true: at least 5 years ago, Matty and I invented a new art form: “Emoticart”.  The concept was to convey a thought or feeling through the use of three emoticons.  Try it.  It never took off like it deserved to, but that’s how we like things: small victories with pay or notoriety.


Finally, I got the Variety mix, which is a random mix of all of Raley’s flavors.



Call me old fashioned, but how can you NOT want to eat these?  What kind of monster must one be not to love this?

I hear ya.  Yes, that’s true.  A lot of hard candies, while looking cute, taste like meh.  I can’t argue with you there.  In fact, I bet a lot of cut rock hard candies like these taste weak.

But not these.  At all.
Let’s get something straight: These are hand made from start to finish.  Also, Raley’s uses all natural everything, down to free trade sugar.  Vegan.  Gluten free.  All natural flavors and colors.  And all of that comes through in the taste.  What we get are authentic, rounded, delicious interpretations of all of the amazing fruit in the world.


Also peppered into my two mixes was a cinnamon, which was fantastic.  I had one cappuccino, which honestly wasn’t my favorite, but then again, I’m not a huge coffee candy guy.
The strength here (to this guy) is their vast array of fruit flavors.  They sell everything from guava, mango, lime, strawberry, pomegranate, to banana (excellent), grapefruit, etc.  Here’s the best part: Raley’s gets the concept of contrasting flavors, so all of their candies (fruit based) that I tried had an outstanding tart edge and finish to them, thanks to our buddy citric acid.  This makes a HUGE difference for me.  It takes a standard tasting yummy hard candy to the next level-and makes them impossible for me to stop eating.

So here’s the deal : I love these.  I’m buying a bunch of bags today to keep, and to give away as gifts.  Coincidentally, Wes is having a fantastic sale going on now through Labor day : Free shipping on any 3 bags.   Are you gonna get Root Beer, Kiwi, and Lemon?  Or the Acid Drops, Blackberry, and Variety?  Why limit yourself?  Get it all.


Click the link below to support a great American candy company.  Best part though, the candy is this Editor’s choice of the month.  Enjoy, and let me know which flavors turn out to be your faves.

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  1. Chaz Smith

    Hi, I loved this review…I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of Cut Rock/Image Candy! I discovered Wes through a series of Image Candy making YouTube videos from “LOFTY PURSUITS ” in Tallahassee, Florida. I first {AFTER 1 MONTH OF STRAIGHT UP BINGE WATCHING/DROOLING} Over this “ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL” ART FORM placed a VERY EASY $120.00 Order of EVERY DARN FLAVOR, & DOUBLES! I live in Springfield, Massachusetts, & the WAIT time for the order was about 10-15 Days @ that time, & I knew this Candy was NOT going to last that long, between Myself, & being such a great Sharer! SO, Wes was working for LOFTY PURSUITS, & was in the VERY FIRST video entitled- “#1 FLAG IMAGE CANDY” Which was Wes making the FIRST Image Candy I’ve ever seen made {American Flag!} And the BETTER PART was the flavor, which I figured something stupid like Peppermint, OR IDK..BUT NO, NO, it was “BLUEBERRY/STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!” OH YES, YOU READ CORRECTLY…& The Owner Greg described it as YOU can taste EACH FLAVOR SEPARATE! SEPARATE! Like the Gum in Willy Wonka, & HE WASN’T EXAGGERATING….You first get the Blueberry, then the Strawberry, then the Bavarian Cream, & THEN, THEN the FRIGGEN ALMOND flavor of the the Shortcake! I wish I ordered more of THIS flavor, because at the time they made it ALL YEAR ROUND, BUT NOW, it comes out on Flag Day, & ends a little not too far past the 4th Of July I ordered “ROOT BEER “{Made from REAL Sasifras Oil}, “CITRUS MIX” {Orange, Lemon, Lime, & Pink Grapefruit}, “BLUEBERRY”, “BANANA”{Which was ACTUALLY REAL BANANA} NOT that artificial Laffy Taffy Banana, “PEACH”{MY SECOND FAVORITE}, “”RED APPLE”{#1 FAVORITE, TASTED JUST LIKE A FRESH MACINTOSH}} I had never seen a RED APPLE flavored candy, other than Jelly Belly! I’ve only seen GREEN APPLE candy, which I can’t stand! I LOVE GREEN APPLES, just NOT Green Apple flavored candy, OR much else! And I’m a MAJOR, MAJOR “LIME” Sympathizer, & green Apple has screwed Lime too many times for MY liking in the Candy World! FOR INSTANCE: “SKITTLES” TOOK PUT BEAUTIFUL, DELICIOUS LIME AFTER DECADES, & PUT IN GREEN FRIGGEN APPLE! “LIFE SAVERS” Takes the PERFECTLY GOOD 5 FLAVOR ROLL which has been out since Lincoln was in Office {NOT REALLY, I’M EXAGGERATING} But replaced LIME with Green Apple, Took out Pineapple for Watermelon! WTH was WRONG with Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, & Pineapple? Now it’s Cherry, Raspberry, Watermelon, Green Apple, & Orange! I THINK? Anyway, I’m ranting, I apologize! Back to Wes…Wes leaves Lofty Pursuits, & starts Raley’s Confectionery, SO I thought I’d give Him a shot, & His colors were more subdued, & Vegan, but the flavors were great, & He ended up closing shortly after I ordered which is VERY sad, because being from Western Massachusetts there are NO Candy Shops that create this BEAUTIFUL, DELICIOUS, TIMELESS ART! And I can’t understand WHY? ALL OF THE PLACES ARE IN AUSTRALIA “STICKY CANDY”, & “PAPPABUBBLE” OH, & ONE IN CANADA “CANDY LABS” {WHICH THEIR WORK IS REALLY GORGEOUS BTW} & They put their Candies in Test Tubes! OH, & There is “HAMMOND’S CANDY” Very nice, they do Jars! Sorry for the Novel, I just like to give details! Thank You for the rebiew, & hopefully YOU can try one of the other ones I mentioned!?

  2. Fatemeh

    Dear Sir,

    I am Fatemeh Mohammadzadeh from Abbaspour in Iran.

    we need to produce a lollipop which you can see their picture in.attach files.

    if it is possible for you to come to.Iran to.our factory and teach us how to make these shapes that would be great .we will support all costs.If not we can.come there if you have any classes to teach us.
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    • Matty

      Hm. I can’t really teach anything, Fatemeh, I’m sorry. Maybe the basics of guitar. Or how to be cool.

  3. mattycandy

    These sound great. Good review. I want.


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