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Quick Hit : Yummy Earth Halloween Lollipops Can’t Be Beat


Here at Candygurus, we’re always trying to find candy makers that adhere to our list of rules:

1.  Make great candy

2.  Use natural ingredients, for shit’s sake.

3.  Have a sense of humor.

Well, the peeps at Yummy Earth have got it down.  We reviewed their mind-blowingly awesome lollipops last year, so I’m not going to go into all of it again.  This is a reminder for y’all out there that there’s a lollipop SOLUTION for you.  Got kids?  Done.  Hate kids?  Fine, eat them yourself, they taste amazing.  Too fat?  No problem!  Us too!  These bad boys rock a modest 22 calories a piece, go nuts.

The thing about these pops is the taste. They are absolutely the most faithful renditions of the fruit flavors they represent that we’ve tried. And we’re smart. Sure, only about candy, baseball ( GO GIANTS!!) and “indie rock”, but that’s something, right?

So this Halloween, don’t lame out. Get a big bag of these (available at Whole Foods, or better yet, check out this sale).  Either way, buy them, and MAYBE hand a few out, but much more importantly- eat them. Mango is my jam, but I  love every flavor.
Go nuts.





  1. Hmm. I may have to try those. Sounds like they might be good to hand out to all our little neighborhood victims this year.

  2. So right. So so right. These and the Giants rock. Steady.

  3. GO GIANTS! (And good candy.)

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