Primrose Candy Assorted Rods

Want a slice of Americana? No? How bout some outstanding hard candies-including retro flavors!

Reviewed by Jonny

June 13, 2014



So..who’s excited?  Who WANTS to get excited about rod shaped assorted hard candy?  As I thought, not a lot of you.  But that’s where you’re making your fatal flaw.  These, friends, are a secret little gem. yeah, I know, most people don’t like hard candy.  But I have yet to meet ONE person in that camp who didn’t like these.  That’s what I’m saying.  This is serious business.


They’re purrrrty.  More importantly though, they have really nice flavors.  And a lot of them.  Check out the laundry list of all 10:

Sour Cherry
Wild Cherry


The thing that’s so cool about this variety is the inclusion of some American classics: Butterscotch, Peppermint, and Licorice.  Yes, there’s 7 delicious fruit flavors, but somehow, also having one mint and two iconic classic candy flavors just tickles people’s fancy.  One important note about the fruit flavors: all of them are somewhat tart, in the best way.  No flat flavors here-everything pops.

I know my fancy is tickled.


To be honest, I stumbled across these in a Ross Dress For Less , or as I call it now “The Store That I Will Never Go To Again”.  What a nightmare.  But, oddly, they alway have some candy there.  I saw 2 boxes of these assorted rods on sale, but tried to be disciplined and didn’t buy them.  Then the Mrs. had to go back, and I felt it must have been a sign, so I commanded (asked politely) her to get both.  She did, and I was seriously impressed.  So impressed that I went back, breaking my new rule.  No luck though.  Gone baby gone.

Fast forward to last month, when sent us a few treats-these were among them.  And boy, am I glad.  I LOVE these.  My kid loves these.  And yes, even chocolate loving hard candy hating Mrs. Guru LOVES these.

Are you catching my vibe on these yet?


July 4th is still a month away, but damn it, these are just a pretty little slice of Amerciana.  So I want you to suck it up, dust off your best candy bowl/jar/bucket, and click the link below.  I promise, you’re not going to find a more interesting  yet classic assortment of hard candies many other places.  And this is ‘Merica, darn it!  We gotta celebrate our candy history, one rod at a time.



Zolli Candy


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