Pretzel M&M’s – Candy Of The Year?

Pretzel M&M's sure as HELL be better than the coconut ones. I'm angry.

Reviewed by Jonny

March 11, 2011


Pretzel M&M’s were recently awarded “Product Of The Year” in the candy and snacks category.  By….Product Of The Year USA.   I’ve never heard of this organization, and I’m guessingg it’s ultimately a marketing tool sponsored by the companies it endorses, but I’m apathetic!  I don’t care- the bottom line is that a lot of people think these things are good.  Let’s dive in.

You guys might remember that I reviewed M&M’s Coconut late last year.  If you don’t, let me spare you the hard work of clicking a link : they suck.  They’re beyond sucky.  They bear no resemblance to real coconut, nor do they include any.  That’s a huge no-no in our world, so you can bet my hopes weren’t high for these Frankensteinian behemoths.

Part of the “Sell” on these guys is that one bag is lower in calories than other types of M&M’s, which makes sense.  For varieties like peanut butter, peanuts, or even the plain ones, there’s simply less chocolate in these.  For a product like the coconut M&M’s, there’s simply less poo and bile, or whatever it is they put in those.

So how do they taste?  I hate to follow along with the crowd, but…I like these.  A lot.  It’s probably because I’m a huge fan of salty + sweet.  These deliver on that front, but also on the smooth + crunchy side too.  There’s a lot of shit going on here, people.

If any of you haven’t yet had a chocolate covered pretzel, then I say FIE, SIR!  FIE!  You have to at least be of reading age to understand these words, and that means you should have had a chocolate covered pretzel by now.  Don’t mistake the yogurt covered ones for chocolate either-those give me the willies.

Because (I think) we’ve all had this exact combination before, I don’t think there’s a lot to say about them.  They’re crunchy, chocolatey, salty and sweet.  They’re good.  In fact, my complaint was that I felt I only got 15 or 16 in the pack -which is true.  But that’s how they keep us fatties not so fat.  I think.  Or more likely, they don’t care about our backfat, but instead are holding out that 17th piece for an improved profit margin?

This is very interesting stuff to be sure, and I’d love to debate it (with Charlie Sheen or Ron Swanson, preferably) but for now, it doesn’t matter.  These are good, I probably will buy them again, maybe even as a potential chocolate staple.

Here at Candy Gurus, we don’t really like to focus on mainstream candy (we’re so alt!  Isn’t it GREAT how we review candy from the rest of the world that…you can’t buy??!) but this is a good one.  I’d include a link to purchase, but you can find them anywhere with a cash register.  So enjoy, kids!  They might have struck out with the coconut kind, but they did well with these.

“Product of the year” well?  Think about: what other candies came out last year aside from Coconut M&M’s?  Still thinking?  Exactly.



Zolli Candy


  1. matty

    @jako your last line is priceless

  2. jako

    I can’t believe people like these. They remind me of malt balls but without any flavor. Too much pretzel to chocolate ratio to even taste the chocolate, yet not salty enough to really get any taste from the pretzel. They are crunchy, but so is glass.

  3. Scotto

    Love the crunch, one of the best candies out there.

  4. Matty

    I finally had these Pretzel M&M things and loved ’em. They are unique from all the other M&Ms and the crunch is spectAC. Good buy. Will re-buy.

  5. durt

    r u actually partners or just affliates?

    • Matty

      Just affiliates.

  6. durt

    how r U guys partners with vosgs?

    • Matty

      What do you mean? Anyone can be. We like their chocolate and agreed to hock their wares.

  7. Karen (aka Martha)

    I got a free bag of these a while back from CVS. They were just ok. I wouldn’t go out of my way for them.

  8. Melissa

    When I tried these, they had already been highly hyped by everyone I knew, so I think I was expecting more. I lamented the fact that mine weren’t particularly salty, but otherwise they were suitably snackable.
    But then again, I’m not that huge on M&Ms. I would much rather have a gummy than a chocolate.
    Overall, they get a resounding “meh” from me.

  9. matty

    I’m glad these are good because I love M&M’s. I’d eat them all the time. I’d stuff them in my pants and walk around.


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