Pfefferminz Bruch

It's snowing outside-somewhere. That requires a seasonal candy.

Reviewed by Jonny

December 6, 2018


Hey guys.


It’s Christmas time.  In case you’ve missed the barrage of car commercials, all clearly shot in Aspen, complete with gigantic bows around the cars because that’s what people do. In case you haven’t seen those, I just wanted to say, it’s Christmas time.  So Christmas candy it is.


What…in God’s name am I looking at.  Giant logs of Grandma colored….something.  Ya know, I get jaded, having done this for a decade, and a lot of the time I winge on about how no one makes anything original.

This is original, at least in presentation, at least to me. So they got me there.

Yep, logs.  And no, I don’t speak German, but I’m smart enough to guess these are peppermint flavored.  That’s what 8 years of higher learning does for you, kids, stay in school.

I thought these would be some sort of super tough Starburst-type chew.  I was incredibly wrong.


Put under the tear test, these things offered about as much resistance as a Fig Newton.  And if you don’t get that reference then damn you! Damn you straight to hell, whippersnapper!

And then it dawned on me: these are peppermint flavored giant log shaped Candy Corn. Commence freaking out. It was at this point that I tried one.


Aaaaaand I was wrong. What these are, exactly, are the center of a Peppermint Patty. To a “t”. And truth be told, I like P-Patties.  I’ll say though, these logs are way too big.  Cut them in quarters and I think it’s a refreshing how do ya do.  As is though, …it’s a mouthful.  And there’s no difference between the two colors, which might have been a miss: how about the pink is cranberry, the white is peppermint?

After a bit of research, it’s clear that this kind of candy is a “thing”. There’s lots of brands that do it, and they all look the same.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link to buy any, but if you’re so inclined, just get a few P-Patties.

Zolli Candy


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