Percy Pigs

They're pigs that have pig in them, so let's first think on that.

Reviewed by Jonny

October 21, 2016


For a while now, I’ve been hearing from Brit friends about Percy Pigs.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

BRIT: “Oh my God, you have a candy blog?!!”

ME: “No.  We have a candy review website.”

BRIT: (confused silence)  then…. “Have you reviewed Percy Pigs?”

Then I say no, and move on with my life.  I’d never seen them, but damn, I had heard about them enough.


Then, one day, an angel delivered a bag to me at work.  Said angel is like 6 foot 4 and a gem of a human.  And he’s British!


Percy Pigs are made by Marks & Spencer, which is like a department store-they sell all sort of clothing, stuff for the home, etc.-and apparently they have a small line of candies as well.  And these, for some reason, certainly have left an impression on people.


They certainly are cute.


But friends, there’s a grotesque side to this story.  See, these pigs?  NO, it’s not the fact that the one on the left is sweating.  Ignore that.  One of their ingredients is…PIG.  Yep, gelatin.  Just look at their faces above, and then think about how actual pig went into their making, it’s creepy.

But let’s not make too big a deal over it-gelatin is in a ton of gummy candy.  Ironically, you can now buy  Percy Pigs in a vegetarian version called “Veggie Percy”  You can tell the difference because the bag is green, and one of the pig’s ears is green.  Anyhow, enough about hoofs & snouts.

These are tasty.  They’re not so much a marshmallow feel for the main body, but it’s similar to that.  A marshy gummy, we’ll call it, with the ears being a more dense traditional gummy feel.

I found myself favoring the ears, which tells me that I don’t love these so much.  But apparently lots of people-and I mean a LOT-do, so knock yourselves out.  Personally, I think Katjes’ version is better, but what the hell do I know?




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  1. Matty

    Foam. Who decided that sugar foam was a good idea.


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