Passover Candy Done Right: Top 10 Plagues Bucket

Finally. Our love of candy meets our love of....well it meets our religion at least.

We Jews sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to candy. While you guys have epic Easter and Christmas candy, we have…..horribly low quality chocolates in coin shapes called “gelt”. Truly, that’s kinda it.  And they’re horrible.  Little Jewish kids know by their 6th or 7th birthday that gelt is worthless fake “candy”.

Honestly, this is an injustice that’s been ignored for my entire life-until now.  Enter All City Candy’s Top 10 Plague Bucket.

They’re not messing around.  This is a  big ‘ol tub, and there’s 10 packets of candy in there, all representing the plagues. But what are these plagues I speak of, you say?  Well check this out-they include a handy card that explains it all:


Normally during the Jewish holiday of Passover, we all recount these times, with the best part being when you dip your hand in the red wine and put 10 drops on your plate, one for each plague.  The kids love that shit, and frankly, it is nice having a semi immersive experience that keeps the kids “in” it so they can actually “learn” and “know” things about their religion.  The plight, the hate, the remembering-this is what Passover is all about.  Now back to the bucket.

Badass, right from the moment I opened it. Let’s take a look at the plagues, in order of plagueiness.

Let me tell you something right now: this is already better than any Jewish candy without even opening any of these packages.  It’s fun!  And there’s a great variety.  For chocolate lovers, you have Sno-Caps (lice. Get it?) and Rasinets (flies). For old schoolers, you have Hot Tamales (blood) and sour cherry balls (boils).  Then there’s Harry Potter Jelly Slugs (locusts…this one might be a stretch. :), a few different sour dextrose candies, a gummy, and some jelly beans.  What’s not to love?


We reviewed an All City Candy bucket last year (Unicorn Island themed, and it too was cool).  But this one is the coolest.  And look, there’s still time to order before Passover. You need this.  Your KIDS need this.  Seriously, the RELIGION needs this.  Let’s class this thing up a bit, am I right?

Also, have you guys tasted traditional Jewish desserts?  Yiiiiiikes.  Let’s just say not my thing.

Check out the link below and may it be a mitzvah on your household!

Zolli Candy


  1. P

    Besides the frogs, bc I couldn’t find the source, how isn’t any of this kosher? None of the other items are considered unclean. Even the Harry Potter slugs say kosher right on the package.

  2. masha sarah

    So sad that this is not kosher/kosher for pesach 🙁
    Cutest idea ever

  3. Lynne

    Great idea!

    Sadly, none of this tub candy is kosher l’pesach.
    In fact, since it’s all been repackaged, I can’t even consider it rest-of-the-year-kosher.
    Way to get my hopes up, candy gurus.

    P. S. There is actually some excellent, high-end chocolate gelt out there. I’m not talking about the 4-for-a-dollar supermarket mesh bags. I’m talking real quality chocolate. Let me know if you want some suggestions for the coming chag.

    • Jonny

      Totally, bring on the suggestions! And I hadn’t even thought about whether the bucket was Kosher. Doh!

  4. Matty

    ‘Let’s class this thing up a bit’ is my new favorite review quip.

  5. paul pearlstein



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