Pappabubble Hard Candies – “Pillow Fight”

Candy is trendy.  Me?  I’ve been eating it for years.  But apparently the secret’s out, and there’s more than a few hot companies pimping their wares all over TV.  If you watch the Food Network or the Travel Channel, odds are that you might have heard of Pappabubble.

Pappabubble is an internationally franchised company that does one thing: they make hard candy.  In the store.  Where you can see them.  What, watching sugar melt doesn’t sound like fun?  What if I were to add that it’s prohibitively expensive?  Still need more?  Then witness Pappabubble pillow candies.  This variety includes  mango, guava, passion fruit and grapefruit flavors:




Gorgeous right?  Here’s the other variety they graciously sent us.  This mix is “soda pop” themed, with Root beer, ginger ale,  cherry cola & lemon & lime:



To grasp the concept of these, you needn’t look farther than one of my all time favorites, Zotz.  They’re hard candies with fizzy powder inside.  These are that as well, just..not quite as good.  Zotz are extremely flavorful, with insanely fizzy powder inside that slowly leaks out.  These….just don’t taste that great.  They’re not bad, but the flavors don’t pop nearly as much as the artificially flavored goodness of Zotz.  Additionally, the fizziness is sporadic at best: some are kind of fizzy, some aren’t at all.


But this is all part of the charm of artisan hand made candy, right?  There’s no question that these are absolutely beautfiul (look to Cybelle’s blog for even better photos), but that doesn’t quite do it for me late night on the couch.  No friends, I’m going to have to advise you to stick with ye olde faithful, Zotz, if you want the hard candy fizzy experience.


However-if you’re filling up a candy bowl and want them around as eye candy (see what I did there?) then these are a great option.  I’d give you a purchase link if Pappabubble sold stuff online.  Or, maybe they do….but their web site doesn’t show you where.  How much money are they making that they don’t care about setting up their commerce site properly?  Either a lot, or they really just don’t care.  Either way, I love their moxy!  I just don’t love their candy.




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