Oldtimers know what they’re talking about

Old-timers are better than young timers when it comes to licorice science.

Reviewed by Jonny

January 10, 2020

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In general, that’s true. Talk to someone over 75, they usually have some level or perspective or knowledge that the rest of us don’t.

Hell, talk to someone over 45, and then compare that “wisdom” to that of a strapping bearded millennial bro. Know what I’m saying? Time breeds experience, for better or for worse. And experience-wise, I’ve had my fair share of licorice tastings. Usually, they’re underwhelming. Commonly, they’re a bit too sweet, too plain, no salt, and just…boring. Filler. Easy to understand why most people don’t like it.

Not these Oldtimers.

Just look at that box, it reeks of something special. Translated from Dutch, these are “mildly salty & firm”. So far so good. When you open the top, there’s a sealed layer of foil, like an inner bag, keeping all the pieces fresh.

Complete with a deer on every piece, these truly hold all the key aspects of a successful licorice. First, the licorice flavor itself: good, strong, not shrouded in too-sweet sugar.

Next, we have to address the always present licorice question: what makes this special? Is it a molasses licorice? Salty? SUPER crazy Netherlands salty? Ammonia-based licorice (yes, this is a thing)? In the case of oldtimers, the answer is simple, and my favorite: salt. A bit more that just a simple tinge, but in no way too much: no one would ever eat one and say “it’s too salty”.

The thing about salt is that it brings out flavors. That’s why every good chef knows the power of salt, and that it must be used to make something like an asparagus soup work. The right amount and the asparagus flavor just pounces out on you. Same thing for licorice: salt pushes the licorice flavor forward. The execution here is on point, these are more or less perfect.

The final question is that of consistency-and again, these are great. They’re not SUPER tough to chew, which is usually my favorite, but they have a nice, firm chew to them. They certainly don’t break apart upon the first bite, and make for a very satisfying snack. Hell, they leave me wanting more: I said I’d have one, just to taste them, and had around 10.

Overall, these are outstanding. They’re everything I look for in a licorice, and additionally, the box is great looking, and they put a bunch in it. If you come across these, I highly recommend you buy as many as you can carry..

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  1. Matty

    Yeah – where’s an affiliate link yo?

  2. robert

    Hey, You talking’ to me? Damn straight I know my licorice and now am intrigued with yourrecommendation. Can I buy it in Mexico? Where can anyone buy these?


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