Oh, Carlos. Be Better, Please.

OOH, a plain chocolate bar! Wow!

Reviewed by Jonny

July 6, 2009

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World’s shortest candy review, ok?  Get set, GO!


Carlos V bar, from the diseased shores of Mexico:


Looks stately, if nothing else.  Unwrapped, it looks….like a chocolate bar:


And…that’s it, folks!  It’s a chocolate bar!  Really though, what the hell am I supposed to say?  It’s basically a not quite as good as a Hershey bar chocolate bar.  Sweet, …and chocolate-y.


So you get now why I don’t usually review chocolate?  Not really my forte.

In truth though, there’s nothing special about Carlos, except the fact that he’s Carlos the 5th, not 4th.  Important to know, apparently.  But as far as I can see, this bar is filled with some uninteresting chocolate-y filling.  It’s not bad.


I thought they were excluasive to Mexico, so that you’d n ever have to waste your time with them, but lo and behold, I saw one in Walgreens Saturday.  So basically, if you’re into mediocre chocolate bars, by all means cruise out to the ‘Grens and buy some.  Me, if I’m on the milk chocolate tip, I’m buying a Twix.


But if I REALLY want JUST a milk chocolate bar, which I never would, it would be Hersheys, and not this.  Too Carlos-y.




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  1. B

    Guylian trufflina is the best — its the only type of chocolate that taste better half melted and doesnt need to be in the fridge. im the kinda person that always buys chocolate and then forgets to put it in the fridge..and when i want to eat it.. its already half melted.. but this… Guylian trufflina is the best when the inside is melted but covering is soft and the flakes wrapped on the outside is still hard — absolutely fantastic!

    then again hersley cookie and cream THIN choc bar would be my 2nd choice. eventhough im not a huge fan of white chocolate… the hersley cookie and cream has gotta be a “special case” — its fantastic — but only in thin choc bar packaging..the drops are terrible.

  2. Denise

    Amen! I treid this random Carlos bar and thought maybe I got one that had been on the shelf to long. What a dog.

    Matty – bwah, ha, ha!! That Swiss junk is really good!! You gotta go Lindt!! Their truffles RULE!!

  3. Matty

    If I’m going pure chocolate bar, I aint going Hershey. I think America’s Test Kitchen said a 100 tasters put it at the bottom of the list.

    I go Ghirardelli every time. Cadbury maybe.. but then don’t forget some of that Swiss junk since those dudes know how to keep it all even keeled and shit.


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