Now & Later Extreme Sour Soft Fruit Chews

It's not that these ae bad per's just that there's existentially no reason for their existence.

Reviewed by Jonny

December 29, 2016


Soooooo I probably should have read this bag more closely before buying, but that’s just not my stye. Try on clothes? Nope. Just buy ’em. Comparison shop for gifts? Are you nuts? Never. This is my and my life.

What I saw, or perhaps chose to see, was a gigantic bag of sour Now and Laters.  Now and laters have held a very warm spot in my heart all the way back to when I was in short pants, so yeah,  I bought the bag.  Of note, it’s 13 ounces.  That’s almost a POUND for those of you in North Carolina.  (I KID!)

Look at that!  It’s kind of weird how much they give you, but at this point, I surely wasn’t complaining.  The thing about N&Ls is that they’re made to have some now, and yet STILL SAVE SOME FOR LATER.  Because they’re so damn hard, you really have to work to get them going.  It’s a labor of love, and one that I’ve held dear for some time-although I can’t tell you the last time I ate one.  The idea of a sour version though, …really had me going.

Cherry, watermelon & apple.  Yawn….perhaps the absolute epitome of non-interesting flavors.  Oh well, it doesn’t mean they’re bad, it just means they’re time proven, right?

Ahh, those adorable little pockmarked squares.  Haven’t changed a damn bit. First one I tried was the watermelon.  Popped it in my mouth and immediately was like WTF.  This thing is softer than a Starburst.  Way softer.  And rightly so- the bag says SOFT CHEWS, but my little brain didn’t want to see that when I put it in my cart.


If these things were traditional hard chewy Now & Laters, then I’d say they’d be pretty good.  The flavors are immensely recognizable, and while not superb, they work.  But the softness just kills it for me right out of the gate-to the point that I didn’t even swallow the first one I tried.  That’s…not normal.

I’m quite sure why these exist-I bet the marketing gurus at Now and Later HQ were privy to the fact that many people hate how hard Now and Laters are and simply won’t buy them.  So they had to make a soft alternative.  The thing is, you’re not making anything new per se, because scores of candy companies make mediocre soft taffy that might or might not be sour.  With your original product, you had something new and original that obviously stood the test of time-a LONG time.  But by trying to please everybody, you’ve pissed off me and very likely much of your original fan base.

I’m now betting that this bag is so big because they know they have to provide extra value to move these things.  For me though, I’m gonna recommend a hard pass.  Not nearly worth it.



Zolli Candy


  1. me

    my question is , is it safe to swallow.

    • Matty

      Hm. Good question. Ribald!

  2. Lisa

    I forgot my rating!

  3. Lisa

    I can tell you *exactly* why these exist— they are for those of us who love the flavor of Now & Laters, but can’t eat regular ones anymore because they either pull out their fillings or break their teeth! These are the next best thing!

  4. Lee

    HATE soft N&L!!!!!


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