Nimm2 Soft: Fruit + Cola

Chewy, Fruity, Gooey. Cola-Y.

Reviewed by Jonny

November 29, 2018


Nimm2 is a weird brand name, and I’ve been yelled at by our fair readers for pointing that out before, so I won’t do it again. I definitely won’t say it’s weird again.


But they do release a lot of varieties, and that we like.  Quite a bit. Keep things fresh, I say.  Their grapefruit/lime hard seasonal summer candies were amazing last year-to the point where I paid way too much money for a few extra bags off Amazon. Having said that, I’ve also experienced a few misses from them, so I was ready for anything as I approached this giant bag of fruity & cola chewy candies.


Cola is one of the best candy flavors.  Relatively easy to do well, and for me, it’s a nostalgic thing.  One of my first candy memories is gummy cola bottles, so…I’m always gonna like cola candy.  These look like fruit chews that all somehow have an aspect of cola to them as well.

It looks like a ton of flavors, but it’s just four: cherry, apple, lemon, lime.

Here’s how they look naked:

Let’s start with cherry. Ahh, ok.  What’s happening here is a cherry chew with a cola gooey center. I have to say…it’s a bit generic tasting.  To be fair, I’m a bit of a cherry hater, so the rest of the flavors will tell the tale, but this one is boring.  And the cola goo-in this one at least-feels a bit one-note, which is mainly sweet.  Let’s move on to lemon.

This one’s better.  The lemon flavor itself is actually quite solid-but again, I’m not loving the cola goo.  It kinda mutes the whole thing.

Ok now we’re talking-the apple is really good.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had an apple/cola pairing, but I can definitely taste more properties of the cola in this one: the herbaciousness, the spice.  The apple chew is also tasty-these flavors work very well together.

Last but not least, is lime. Oh yeah, this one’s good too-a lot of lime citrus love, and again, the cola comes through stronger. There’s not a ton of lime chews out there, so I appreciate the inclusion.


It’s vexing though…how do I feel about these?  I think ultimately, they’re meh.  There’s 2 good flavors, 2 mediocre ones.  But in the end, I really am not a fan of goo filled candy, and I think these would have been better if they were just half fruit chew, half cola chew.  But I just get paid to review ’em, not to make ’em.


Also, I don’t get paid to review them.

Since these are a special edition, there’s really nowhere to buy them online stateside-but maybe that’s not such a bad thing?

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