NEXT!!! (organics) Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Are Better Than This Review

Reviewed by Jonny

August 27, 2010


Look, sometimes we hunker down, commit pen to paper, and write thoughtful, informative reviews.  Sometimes however, we drink beer all day while playing golf, and THEN do live video reviews-and not particularly good ones.

Judge for yourself though, and whatever you do, don’t miss out on this gem of a find:

I’m endorsing these whole heartedly. They’re amazing. Grab them at selected Whole Foods Markets. For those in the Bay Area, the Petaluma store definitely carries these. For those not lucky enough to live among the cows, grab them here, and be glad you did. No, they’re not super cheap, but they’re a one of a kind treat and worth it. So there.




Zolli Candy


  1. Chartreuse

    You guys are right, these rock. I couldn’t believe how many calories are in them, but if you think of them like a candy bar so what. 

  2. Matty

    This still cracks me up. Wonder why…


  3. Sparkina

    Would love to try these confections. They sound like they’d be DIVINE. A great candy to munch on while tuned to your favorite rerun of “Gilligan’s Island.” 🙂

  4. Matty

    Good looking and well read too.

    NEXT! (organics…)

  5. greebs

    Wow, those guys seem totally sober and smart…

    NEXT! (organics…)


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