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Britain's version of the 100 Grand Bar? OR IS THE 100 GRAND A VERSION OF THIS?

Reviewed by Jonny

February 3, 2017


I feel like this thing looks decidedly British.  Thoughts?  Could be the dated color profile, could just be the fun font.

Another gift from a traveling friend, this was yet another UK candy bar I’d never tried.  Literally, anything with the word “toffee” in it immediately has my attention.  Having said that, I went into this a bit guarded, because I’ve ben fooled by clever Brit word play in the past.  Sometimes a bon bon IS a bonbon.  Sometimes it’ a hard candy.  Sometimes it’s a chewy candy.

Yep.  Checks out.

Looks good, right?  No artificial colors of flavors in this bad boy.  What it looks like to me is a candy bar with caramel and crisped rice in it.  But taste can be a whole different thing.

Oh, it’s good.  And here’s what it is: puffed rice embedded in soft toffee, enrobed in chocolate.  By soft toffee, I kinda think they mean caramel, but I’m not angry this time.  No, in fact, I’m kind of into this bar, wordplay aside.  It’s been made since 1963, first by Mackintosh’s, and now by Nestle.  The thing’s got history.


Not to make too much about it, but…while I strongly believe the rest of the world, primarily Europe, kicks our ASS when it comes to interesting candies, I don’t think the same thing about candy bars.  There’s only so many ingredients to put in them: chocolate, caramel, nougat, rice, toffee, nuts,….maybe something peanut buttery.  No disrespect to this bar or to the others I’ve tried, but for this kind of thing, America kinda slays.

For instance, our 100 Grand bar bests this Toffee Crisp bar.  End of instances.


Having said that, if you like a crunchy, caramel feel to your chocolate bars (and seriously, who doesn’t?  Who has  problem with crunch, caramel-y puffed rice in chocolate, seriously TELL ME BECAUSE I WANT TO KNOW), then you’ll for sure enjoy these.  And you don’t have to stop off in Heathrow to get them anymore.  Click the link below for British candy satisfaction.


Zolli Candy

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  1. matty

    I like how if I buy from Amazon I get a sheet of them.


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