Nerds Wildberry & Peach

As a Nerds connoisseur, I was both humiliated and overjoyed to learn of a flavor I hadn't tried yet.

Reviewed by Jonny

October 19, 2012


I liken myself somewhat of a Nerds expert.  While I love them all, I favor the sour variety.  However, the classics such as grape and strawberry will always have a warm place in my heart and ideally, my gut.  I was under the impression that I had tried every available variety, including the halloween themed orange & fruit punch that’s pretty damn good as well.  But then my brother got me these in England:

Wildberry and peach?  Where have you been all my life?  It’s not like those flavors are unique to the UK , so what gives?  I like the color scheme too, although it looks more like it would be blueberry, cause…it’s blue.


For some reason the colors just do it for me on these.  So extremely fake, so extremely unnatural.  Ideal!  The wild berry though, is a bit of a disappointment.  Like other “berry” flavored candy, it just tastes red to me.  Sweet, slightly tart….”berry” flavor.  I have to rant briefly about this.


Why make a flavor “wild berry”?  Or “triple berry”?  Or even “Berry”?  Why not make it the actual name of one, real, berry?  When candy makers do this, it feels like a super cop out to me.  It certainly cannot be the case that they’re actually combining the essence of three unique berries-no way.  That requires effort.  I’m convinced that they have a generic berry flavor that they drop this or that in, and then call it a spinoff berry name.  “Passion Berry”.  “Tropical Berry”.  “Extreme Berry”.  “Wildberry”.  You get the idea.  So we’re all clear that I wasn’t nutty about the wild berry.

The peach though, is a delight.  Very peachy, very tart, a great flavor addition to the Nerds family.  I don’t think I’d go out of my way to buy these again, but if I saw them…I might.  Who knows, maybe someday they’ll come to this side of the pond.  Until then, if you really want to try them- you can!  Click the link below to get your mits on them.


Zolli Candy

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  1. J

    Truth is… it is a cop out. Problem is that some people don’t like blueberry but love raspberry, others will eat anything strawberry but shun blackberry. So, to try and appeal to the masses, you just label it “Wildberry” or something stupid like “Tutti-Frutti”
    Spineless bunch, us candy developers.


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