Nerds Gummy Clusters

I've been waiting to try these for at least 6 months

Reviewed by Jonny

February 5, 2021


On the candy subreddit (this is a “section” of Reddit. If you’re not familiar, come join us), there’s a lot of individuals with specific obsessions and tastes, while at the same, there tends to be a consensus on new products that are good or bad. These people generally know what they’re talking about!

This one, Nerds Gummy Clusters, has been the belle of the ball for the last 6 months-at least. Yet I’ve never been able to find them in my area. Yes, I could buy them on Amazon, but I’ve done that old riff before: buy 4 bags of something because the price is the best per ounce, then get them and quickly become underwhelmed. Guilt ensues, give some away, binge on the rest. No one wins here.

So I waited. And waited. And then finally, I found these at my local Target:

While these are the Valentine’s branded bag, these are the exact same thing that you’d find in the regular bag, which looks like this:

New NERDS Gummy Clusters.

or this

To recap, these are all the same candy. I finally had the white whale, and let me tell ya…I was really excited to try these.

Just look at those. There’s no false advertising here, they look as good or better than they do on the bag. They’re a small gummy circle ensconced by Nerds. Simple. This is sort of what Nerds Ropes were, but in my opinion, a better Nerds to gummy ratio on these. But let’s just talk about the colorful aspect of them: THIS is what candy is supposed to look like in my book. Pretty close to an Everlasting Gobstopper from that old Gene Wilder flick, eh?

I wasn’t let down by these at all. In fact, I really, really like them. What’s not to like? You bite down, and it gives, because there’s a gummy in there after all. But the sour Nerds coating comes into play immediately, and what you get is an easy to eat melange of sweet gummy and those lovable crunchy sour Nerds-again, just what the bag says. And it just plain works.

Like I said, when I first tried these I was really impressed. Not so with Jonny Guru Jr. and the Mrs. Guru. The kid (now a lanky gigantic monster of sarcasm®) said they were “aite”, while the Mrs. complained that they were too sweet. Then she went on to say how I love things that are really sweet, which…well we won’t get into that, but in short, I disagree. In fact, as you know from being a devoted reader, I really can’t handle overly sweet candies: that’s why I love Scandinavian candy, I find it to generally be on the low sweet side.

Anyhow….these are a keeper. Like, a year round solid candy option for me. I really love them, and I’m guessing most of you will too. I can now safely provide a link to buy multiple packs at one time: trust me, they go fast!

Zolli Candy


  1. Matty

    I’m eating these right now. They are outstanding.

  2. Anthony S.

    I’m a candy maker and I need wholesale

  3. greebs

    These look OUTSTANDING. Need.


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