Natasha’s Just Brittle

Peanut Brittle is Peanut Brittle is Peanut Brittle is....Old Bay??

Reviewed by Jonny

June 2, 2014


Peanut Brittle isn’t something I think about a whole lot.  I like it, but generally speaking, brittle is brittle.  Some things are just classic, and that’s that-right?

In theory.  But then Natasha came along.  Grown out of a project she taught kids in her daycare about running a business, she quickly realized that peeps were digging on her brittle.  Long after the project was over, she was still getting requests for the brittle, so…the rest is Hollywood magic, as they say.



Check out the three varieties we were sent:


In the back, cashew brittle.  On the right, mixed nut brittle.  On the left however…well..that’s Cracker Jack brittle yo.


This stuff is fresh-really fresh.  All natural everything, you can even spot a little oil residue on the bags holding the brittle.  If that kind of thing freaks you out, then go back to Walgreens for your brittle.  This is real food with a real shelf life, and again, we dig that.


These were all good.  Really good.  Just the right amount of salt (sea salt), crispy but not dry, delicious.  The Cracker Jack brittle was my favorite, only because it was so unique tasting.  The thing is though, Natasha has 30 flavors to choose from!  While the ones we were sent seem pretty tame, how’d ya like to try Old Bay brittle?  Maple bacon?  Coffee Lovers?  Banana Walnut? Spicy?

See where I’m going with this?
Brittle is delicious, and Natasha’s is definitely no exception.  I wish we would have received some of the more “out there” flavors, because that’s what I would buy if given the choice.  And I just might, from the link below.


Nice going, Natasha!

Zolli Candy


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