Mr. Squeezy Pop going to be sticky.

Reviewed by Jonny

March 26, 2021


Bonus points for the name alone.

It’s hard to tell in this photo, but the box has one of those hologram surfaces that slightly changes when you rotate it

Apparently these are the hottest novelty candy of 2021. Can’t remember how I know that, but I’m sure I read it somewhere.

Look-these aren’t made for middle aged dudes like me. At all. Obviously, this is a treat for small youngsters. I’d say….10 & under? So let’s assume that’s our target audience here.

Three flavors came in the box. I was a bit stoked to see the red is strawberry, not cherry. So that’s the one I dug into. Mr. Squeezy looks like he’s super into it.

What we have here is a tongue shaped lollipop sitting on a much larger handle, which happens to be Mr. Squeezy Pop’s body.

Honestly, it’s kind of fun to hold and eat. And frankly…it’s tasty. A very sweet strawberry lolly with pretty decent strawberry flavor. But that’s not the draw here, is it? The draw is the sour goo.

Fam, we’ve been back and forth with sour goo here over the years. Dip this hard candy into this goo. Pour this goo into this thing. Different compartments, wrappers. Generally, it’s annoying. I don’t think kids have a friggin table with them on the playground to properly assemble said candy.

This one though…they figured it out.

By squeezing Mr. Squeezy Pop, the goo shoots UP the side of the lollipop, into perfect pole position for your sucking pleasure.

And the goo IS in fact sour, which plays nicely with the sweet pop. Would I buy this? No. It’s an artificially flavored and colored nightmare for someone like me, but for a 8 year old? They’re all about this candy. As advertised, it’s a novelty candy, so if that’s your thing, this might be a crowd pleaser for the littles.

For us olds? Goo not really on the table as an option, mmmmkayyy?

Zolli Candy


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