Mike & Ike Jolly Joes – “The debate of grape”

I really love a good grape candy-but it's gotta be good...

Reviewed by Jonny


December 2, 2008

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Sigh. Grape.

Oh, don’t misunderstand me folks-I’m not complaining about grape flavor. I’m just dealing with the reality that sits before me. Grape candy flavor: the eternal roulette.

I suppose I should explain.

You know when someone at work busts out the tub of individually wrapped Jolly Ranchers? And then, in like a week or something, there’s only a handful or two left, and they’re all grape? Same deal when you go to a bulk candy store, there’s no love for the individually wrapped grape candies-there’s always a ton of them left, and no cherry or “green”, etc. Cherry? REALLY? Is cherry that good?

Anyhow, I’m the guy that lights up and snatches all the grape Jolly Ranchers, cause I friggin’ LOVE them. My favorite JR flavor. I also ADORE grape flavored LifeSavers. To die for. So basically, I heart grape.

However, when you go for the grape, you’re always posed with one of two possible outcomes:

1. A delightful grape flavor with a tangy complexity to it-sweet, like the fruit, but tart, to round it out.


2. A sweet purple flavor with no complexity. Just…sweet.

Sadly folks, this is the case with Mike & ike Jolly Joes. I was so stoked to see them (yes, I’m sheltered, I’ve never seen them before) so of course I snatched the box up. But realy, there’s not much to say. They have the exact same consistency as Mike & Ike’s, and just have this mellow, understated grape flavor. There’s no tart notes, no depth…just…grape.

For me, this is a big ‘ol deal breaker. I just can’t handle sweet without tart anymore. The taste, or lack of it, bores my taste buds to death. Therefore, it’s with great sadness that I condemn Jolly Joes for all eternity to burn in the vast waste land of candy insiginifigance.

But hey, if YOU like them, then that’s great! Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re good looking, smart, listen to excellent cutting edge music, and have wonderful taste. We just differ on this one.

Bottom Line : Jolly Joe’s come up short in their grape flavoring. If you like grape flavor, grab some Jolly Ranchers or Lifesavers, or Now & Laters, or….



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  1. Leigh Lou

    These are literally my favorite candy on the world. Jolly Joes. I understand exactly what you’re saying, except I happen to love them with all my heart. I’m currently online just so I can buy them in bulk right now because they’re hard to find in stores around here.

    • Matty

      Yep – they’re awesome. Let’s not make excuses to anyone for it.

  2. Candy Gurus

    I am officially sad.
    These things are great.
    And uber old so the fact you’ve never had them before makes me think yr a baby. And not a baby like you’ll be whining to your mother, but literally 7 months old. Cuz in where IN GOD’S NAME HAVE YOU BEEEEEEEN?
    These to me taste like they always did. And like you, I love grape, so these will always be a standby when I’m staring at candy in the 7-11 aisle at 2am and I want out fast.


  3. Denise Ryan

    Aw…I liked these. I know there is no depth, but they are all grape! You don’t have to deal with any distraction. They’re like grape jelly beans. Sometimes I just don’t want my candy to challenge me! There’s also a Mike and Ike Berry Blast? Berry Blend – something like that – have you tried that one? And there’s lemonade – they have several new ones. And what about the Hot Tamale? There’s now an extra hot! Okay, I’m biased – I like Just Born. (Vagina – only you, J Man.)

  4. Christy

    I agree these are thumbs down also. I love the original and think they should stick with what has worked best for them. Have you tried the “tropical” ones? Also not pleasant.


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