Mentos Lakrits Mint : Licomint

Mint, Licorice, Chew, Repeat, Rinse.

Reviewed by Jonny

January 11, 2013


When I first tasted Mentos as a kid, there was mint, and then there was fruit.  And now, there’s like a thousand varieties, and I LIKE IT!

I picked these up at World Market, only noticing the “lakrits”, which is more or less German for “licorice”. I didn’t focus in on the mint part so much, as I’m naturally not that observant.  Just ask my wife.


The color on these is a dreary white gray.  Not super attractive, but for the flavors of licorice and mint…not too bad. Since all Mentos have the same consistency, the only thing to discuss here is the taste.  And the taste is a wow.  They start off as a cool, fresh mint chew.  That kinda bummed me out at first, since I was expecting intense licorice-Euro licorice.  But then, the my old pal licorice steps in.  It’s not an aggressive licorice, but instead more of an overtone-but it’s there for sure.  The taste finishes off as much more licorice than mint.  In a world where candy companies are always making two flavored candies that never taste correct, this actually pulls it off: and in a really cool way.  First you get mint, then it turns into licorice.  That’s pretty cool.


I wasn’t sure how I felt about them though.  After I ate one, I was a bit disappointed, or so I thought.  After I finished the whole roll, I had to reevaluate that position.  These are good-damn good.  But if you’re not into licorice and mint, don’t even try it.  This is pretty specific, for a (I think) pretty small demographic.


I can’t say that these are my favorite Mentos: I still love rainbow, fruit, and cola (YUM) more.  But these definitely are worth checking out for us licorice nuts-you can find them at World Market or via the links below.  If it’s mint you really dig, just stick with the mint ones.


Zolli Candy


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