Meet The New Kid – Sir Francis Bacon

Do ya like bacon? If not, never speak to me again.

Reviewed by Jonny

October 26, 2009



Every few years, something comes along that just changes you.


Star Wars

Jolly Ranchers


The Smith’s “The Smiths” (see : puberty)

Losing Your Virginity

Guided By Voices’ “Alien Lanes”

Mobile Phones


And now this.  People, it was just a matter of time, but I’m extremely glad to present to you, my new daily breakfast:  Sir Francis Bacon Brittle:



The extremely nice people at Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle, or as their friends call them, SFBPB, were kind enough to send an 8 ounce box for the Candygurus to taste. Matty had the unfortunate problem of being in Austin that weekend (I hope it was a hell of a trip, sucker!), but Scotty and I were lucky enough to pop the box open last Saturday night.


If you’ve ever eaten peanut brittle, then you understand more or less what this tastes like. And if you haven’t eaten peanut brittle, then..this review most likely wil make little to no sense. So start with basic peanut brittle, and then forget everything you know. Because the star here is not the sugar, the peanuts, or the weirdo brittle stuff that I guess is just butter and sugar. Nope, there’s a predominant flavor that just takes center stage, and that’s the smoked bacon. Let me reiterate the word “smoked”. It’s hella smoked. It’s like…someone busted out their Big Green Egg®, lit the coals, and threw bacon in it for 20 hours. It’s beyond smoky tasting, and trust me-I know smoke. I love smoke! I also happen to love smokes, but that’s something I’m dealing with. Anyhow, what you’ve got, as you can see, is gobs of artisan hand smoked bacon mixed into the works: sfbacon-cu

The odd thing is that you never really feel like you’re chewing bacon-that is, you don’t get any soft bits or HUGE chunks. But it’s everywhere. The combination of these textures and flavors is insane-it starts out with a classic brittle taste, and then a sea of smoke overcomes you, followed by the salty and meaty goodness of our good friend bacon.

It’s a simple recipe-nothing fancy. Just high quality peanut brittle with extremely high quality smoked bacon in it. And it’s tht simplicity that rocks this stuff so hard. To say it’s addicting is a huge understatement. As Scotty and I sampled, to be honesst, he wasn’t crazy about it. I was all about it, but he was tentative. However, his damn hand kept going back into the bag, as did mine, until there was literally like a 2 inch slice left. Desperate to save some for Matty, we put it away.

But it called out to me.

And I’m weak.

So there ya go. Gone, baby gone.

I’m gonna leave you with this: SFBPB is the kind of thing that you either inhale, treasuring the smoky bacon aftertaste you have in your mouth for hours (I’m not kidding), or it’s “just not your thing”.

All I can tell you is that this stuff is absolutely incredible for bacon lovers who like their sweets. Honestly, I don’t get what’s not to like, unless you’re a vegetarian. It’s that good. I absolutely could not have this stuff in my house, or it’d be in my gut. Am I making my point clear?

My only complaint, oddly, is that I wanted at least 3 times the amount. But then again, I’m a bacon loving gluttonous bastard.

This is a PERFECT holiday gift, or even better, this could be that “spare” gift you get and then decide isn’t “right” for anyone so you “give” it to yourself. In one sitting.

Get it here.

Be like me.



Zolli Candy


  1. Rodzilla

    This stuff is intense, it’s not like a vosges bar with a hint of bacon. The salty/smoky flavors are in full effect. I really like it, but only can handle a bit at a time. Try melting it on toast.

  2. Matty

    More pig please.
    And smoke it.

  3. Jonny

    I haven’t seen that, but we also reviewed bacon lollipops, and they were good too. It’s not just for breakfast anymore…

  4. CandyProfessor

    OK, you’ve solved my “brother who has everything” holiday gift dilemma! My DH spotted a Vosges Haut-Chocolat boutique in Manhattan featuring a huge chocolate-bacon display; have you tried their bacon chocolate bar? I’m thinking a bacon candy themed gift basket (but maybe instead of a basket, I’ll put it in a slop bucket…)

  5. Jonny

    Sad, isn’t it?

  6. greebs

    Great review, and I want some.

    I also find it curious/sad/hilarious that GBV “Alien Lanes” is a life-changing moment, but marriage and the birth of your son isn’t. Shhh…


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