Maynards Bassetts Mint Creams

A mint treat from across the pond that isn’t as different as something we’re all quite used to

Reviewed by Jonny

October 13, 2017


You’re a mint person, or you’re not: am I right? There’s not a lot of in between. But…that’s where I live: right in the middle. While I like mint, I’m not gaga over it like Jonny Guru jr.-the kid can’t get enough mint. For me though, it really depends on the mint. Mint chocolate chip ice cream? Yes, always, Breyer’s please. Those little red and white round mints at restaurants? Not unless I’m dying of dehydration and need to scrounge up some saliva. Bassetts Butter Mints? All day, they’re a revelation. Their counterpart, Murray Mints? They’re fine, but nothing special to me, so I’ll pass.

I’m right down the f#*king middle. So let’s break the tie:

I was super excited to check these out, because how many damn mints can Bassetts make? Can they all really be different from each other?

These are larger than a normal mint, and puck shaped.

Ready for the least sexy candy shot ever taken? Brace yourselves.

Literally no processing on that, this is how they look. And to save everyone some time, I’m going to tell you how they taste by comparing it to something you already know:

These are the inside of a Peppermint Patty. Albeit, semi firmer, but it’s the same thing. Slightly crumbly, cool fondant style mint, with a slightly crispy coating on the exterior.

I like Peppermint Patties, after they’re in the fridge for a while. They’re a nice change of pace from my normal chewy sour candy world. These are a decent approximation, but since they’re not coated in chocolate, and instead are a drier self contained thing, they’re a bit more boring to me. Clearly, it tastes good: mixing sugar, water and mint flavoring usually does. But it’s not special enough for me to buy again. I’ll say it again, the Butter Mint is the way to go with Bassetts.

However, if you’re nostalgic about these, I could see a situation where nothing else would do, not even a Peppermint Patty. Mint lovers, definitely give these a try-no one I shared them with didn’t like them, so they’re a safe bet to be “good” at worst.

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  1. Alice Randall

    Where can I buy maynards Bassett mint creams?

    • Jonny

      Normally on amazon, from the link we provided. Not sure now.


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