Marks & Spencer Fizzy Pop Sweets

In theory, these are among the best candies I've ever tried

Reviewed by Jonny

November 21, 2019


You guys ever been to a M&S before? They’re a slightly upscale UK grocery, and they have a pretty good assortment of candy branded by them.

sorta made it in under the wire with regards to expiration, sorta didn’t.

We’ve reviewed their fruit sherbets, which I loved, so you have to know I wasn’t leaving this little shop in Paris empty handed.

It took me a few months to get to these, and when I did…I was oddly a bit underwhelmed.

The flavor selection is certainly interesting: ginger beer, cherryade, cola and lemonade. All four of those flavors scream one thing to me: brightness. All of them (should) have a tang to them, that’s….kinda what makes them work.

These though…they’re really understated. There’s no attack to any of the flavors, and frankly “discovering” the flavor is a bit challenging. Once you do though, they’re nice. Not special, but…nice.

Another thing to note is that these aren’t gummies, they’re jellies. So there’s give to them, you can easily bite right through.

Finally, the “fizzy” thing: no. They’re not. At all. I mean zero.

Ultimately what we’re left with here are somewhat tasty somewhat boring cola shaped jellies. I’m a little unimpressed to be honest. I was expecting a lot of zing, but in the end…I hauled these things through 5 countries just to be underwhelmed.

They’re not really available online on a shipping-friendly site for us Yanks, so with everything considered, I’m gonna issue these a respectful, soft pass.

Zolli Candy


  1. mikeUK

    i was underwhelmed by these too. kinda liked the gingery ones. but yeah, lacking in SOUR POWER, I got my US colleagues to bring me Zots – THATS where the fizz is

    • Jonny

      Right? Zots are amazing. You can get bulk bags of various flavors here, let me know if you need a hookup!


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