Mamba Gummies Are Here : World Keeps Spinning On Axis

The world desperately needs yet ANOTHER variety of gummies, does it not?

Reviewed by Jonny

September 24, 2012


We can breathe a sigh of relief- Finally, Mamba has made gummies.  Weren’t we all waiting specifically for this to happen?  Or like me, do absolutely none of you care that Mamba has decided to branch out?



But wait-hold the phone.  Apparently they’re funny.  So right there, Mamba gummies must be a notch above the rest.  It even says so on the bag!


Like TV shows, comedians, and generally every other aspect of life, there’s nothing less funny than being told that something is funny.  But who cares, right?  We can save funny for “Workaholics” and the Dodgers’ predictable tanking this fall.


I don’t need a lot of words to describe these to you: they’re not good.  They’re not special, they’re not particularly fruity tasting (yet another lie on the label), and most importantly, they’re not memorable at ALL.  There’s literally no reason for you to buy these.  I have no idea if they taste like Mamba’s or not-I don’t particularly like them either.  But I do know that these-while not being bad- are certainly nothing to seek out for any reason.


They also released a sour gummy version, which I’ll review in the coming weeks.  These however?  Let  some other sucker waste the scratch on them.


Finally, since we are a San Francisco Giants-centric site, we’re compelled to say : GO GIANTS!  This should be a fun post season.

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