Luhders Jelly Fruit Mix

In the quest for the perfect fruit jelly, sometimes you find some that...aren't perfect.

Reviewed by Jonny

July 7, 2017


If you’ve read my words in the last few years, you already know that I’m obsessed with fruit jellies.  Something I thought I’d never be into, I just can’t see to get enough of them these days.  Crunchy and hard on the outside, silky, cool, smooth and tangy on the inside, with a texture unlike anything else-they’re special.  Originating in France under the super bourgeois name pate de fruits, these things don’t come cheap.  Usually they’re in a fancy shmancy box, and cost the better part of a $20 bill.  These though, were a World Market find and were right around $5.  I’ve had some candies from Luhders before and was impressed, so…I had to buy these.

It’s funny that even they call them “gummy” candy-they’re not.  Not even close.  These are straight up classic fruit jellies.

I like this packaging.  It’s almost as if I’ve gone to the farmer’s market, and this is my basket of fruit!  Except it’s super sugary and there’s black pieces of fruit and they won’t make me sick. So far though, so good.

Banana, orange, lome, lemon, raspberry and black currant.  Nice mix.  I appreciate the banana, that’s not a typical flavor of any candy.  Here’s the thing though…these are just a bit…bland.

These check all the boxes when it comes to the outside crunch, the inside silkiness-everything.  But the overall flavor and eating experience is just kinda…mediocre.  When you start eating one, you’re expecting the flavor to bloom and develop, but it doesn’t.  It stays a subdued, good eat.  But nothing more.

This isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just that I don’t have time for non-excellent candy anymore-it’s just a hazard of the biz.  If you’re new to fruit jellies, this is definitely not the place to start-I could see people enjoying these, but…we can do better.

Fruit jellies, gourmet ones, aren’t that common, so I do appreciate seeing them even if they’re not perfect.  But if you want to grab some, These are an absolutely excellent example of a fruit jelly, and not that expensive.

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  1. Matty

    Jellies are sometimes smellies


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