Lordagsgodis: it’s the sweet peak of the week

IKEA busts loose with 3 new bags of delicious jellies
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This review is al about Ikea. So just know that going in.

In Sweden, Saturdays are known as Lordagsgodis. What does it mean? CANDY DAY, SON! Apparently, it’s traditional for the young’uns to not have candy all week, but on Saturdays, they get to go to the candy store and fill up a bag of pick ‘n mix.  This is amazing. Where was this tradition in the states?


As you already know, IKEA has an amazing pick n’ mix selection at most of their stores. The candy is authentic Scandinavian goodness, and the price is ridiculously cheap: $7.99 a pound. That’s at least 50% less than you’ll find anywhere else.  Anyhow, that alone is incredible. As I was there, loading up after buying some furniture (more on this later), I noticed some new bagged candy in the checkout line (by the food area).


These were a no brainer to buy, but still, they had big shoes to fill. Could they hold up to the other Scando treats I’m become so accustomed to?

Let’s start with the sour Rhubarb, lemon and lime. LOVE the flavor variety, by the way.

Rhubarb- WOW. Absolutely incredible. Perfect rhubarb flavor, which I don’t have enough of in my life, and a wonderful sour edge to it.

Lemon- not nearly as unique, but strong. Nice lemon flavor with that lifting sourness. Nice.

Lime-this one baffled me a bit at first, as it didn’t have the most authentic lime punch at first. But it came at the finish, and is good.

Keep in mind, these like the other 2 bags are jellies, not gummies. So they’re softer and you can easily bite right through them. No artificial colorings or flavors in them.


Next comes non sour Gooseberry, Apple and Pear

Raise your hand if you didn’t know you needed Gooseberry in your life. Me neither. I’d describe it as a combination of rhubarb and a darker berry. Very unique, and quite tasty.

Pear- yum. All the best things about Jelly Belly pear flavor, but honestly this blooms just a little bit more. It’s really outstanding.

Apple- this one came in last for me, but only by comparison to the other 2 flavors. It’s not a super bold apple flavor, but it’s good and has a very authentic finish-it really harkens eating an apple.


Finally, we have raspberry, cranberry & forest fruit.

The darkest pieces are the “forest fruit” whatever the hell that is. A very nice deep berry flavor, maybe featuring blueberries?

The other 2 flavors, raspberry & cranberry were a bit hard to differentiate for me. Both tasted good, but neither jumped off the page to me as being authentic to that fruit.



Regardless, I’d say these candies are an overwhelming success.  I really recommend you make a point to pick these up next time you’re at IKEA.


And speaking of that. Long ago I swore I’d never buy IKEA furniture again because the build process NEVER goes smoothly.  Well, we bought some. And after a fucking DAY of putting it together, had problems with both pieces.


Am I angry? yes.

Did we eventually get the pieces correctly built? I suppose.

Do I ENJOY asking myself questions? Yes.

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