Lion Bar

Sometimes it feels like chocolate bars all use the same 4 ingredients. Actually, that's true. But don't be discouraged, they work.

Reviewed by Jonny

March 31, 2017


Sooooo many chocolate bars, so little time. Hell, we haven’t even reviewed good ‘ol “Snickers” yet, but we’re reviewing some random British bar? YES. Yes, we are.

It’s the lion, hear it roar. And admit it, you’re intrigued. That art is inspiring.

Hard to tell anything from the requisite log shot. Kinda gross in a way. But don’t think about that, think about what’s inside it, because with this bar, the inside’s the thing.

Yeah, I know. Breathtaking. I’m gonna tell you what the layers are, but I’m also gonna go next level and tell you the percentage each “thing” has to the build of the whole bar.

Inside is a filled wafer, which is 32% of the total. We also have the Brit’s favorite candy ingredient, “cereal”, which makes up 26%. That whole deal is covered in the other 42% which is milk chocolate. It’s not corn flake type cereal, but more Rice Crispy. Both are excellent in candy, but I think the rice in this one just sends it over the top in the best way.

The closest American candy bar comparison would be the 100 Grand bar, with the caveat that the inside of that one is caramel, not a wafer. Honestly? I LOVE 100 Grand bars, but this might be better. Crunchy, chocolatey, loverly.

The best news is that you can decide for yourselves: these are easy to get on the ‘zon, and not expensive at all. Try them!

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