Lifesavers Sweet Strings N’ Sour Rings-Clever Name, But Do They Suck?

I don’t think I’m supposed to like these things as much as I do.  And on first taste, I can understand why my co-Guru Matty thought they were “eh”.  Why wouldn’t he?  Most gummy variations that Lifesavers make, despite not being putrid, really aren’t that interesting.  Why should this retro 80’s colored bag be any different?



Lifesavers has plain ‘ol gummies.  Eh. They have “Wild Berry” gummies. Double eh. They have “Tangy Fruits” gummies. See previous comments. They also have sour gummies, and they’re just plain boring too. Island Fruits? Too boring too speak of. All of these variations taste somewhat similar, and aren’t that memorable.  For some reason though, this new combo of both sweet and sour just works. You get four flavors: 2 sweet, 2 sour. In the sweet department, you get cherry & raspberry. For sour, your get fruit punch and green apple. Nothing ground breaking, but the magic is in the combination.


Both the cherry and raspberry, which look exactly the same as each other (smart! Let’s confuse the kids!) are a nice, full flavor that’s sweet, BUT…with a hint of tang. They’re not just cloying, sweet blobs. Then you get hit with the fruit punch, which I think is the best flavor in the bag. It’s sour alright, but it’s also got a very unique taste. When you eat one after a sweet stick, you really catch that corporate candy magic in a bottle. The green apple isn’t quite as unique to me, but it’s still tasty.

And that’s it. There’s no secret reason why these kick ass. They’re about as far away from being all natural as you can get, so my repetitive, annoying battle cry of “natural real flavors taste better” might still be true (and it is), but in this case…it doesn’t matter.

Piece of advice: throw your bag in the fridge. Chill ’em out before you wolf them down. Speaking of bags, I got a big bag of these for $1.29 at Target. Then, in Albertsons on Thanksgiving, I saw little “individual serving” size bags at the checkout counter. Genius. They’re very generous for being only one portion, and they clock in under 200 calories, so you’re golden. You can rock the whole bag.

Let’s be clear about one thing: these things don’t re-invent the wheel, but I sayy they’re damn good.  Pick up a bag and let me know what you think.




3 thoughts on “Lifesavers Sweet Strings N’ Sour Rings-Clever Name, But Do They Suck?

  1. hmm. Very good, unless you get a baggie of nothing but sweets. It happens, trust me! The bags of sours only are tough to find….

  2. When dI’d they stop selling them at Walgreens that where I bought them the most at. They were really good to me. They should bring them back to the stores.

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