Licorice Gummi Mix Serves Props

If you're not scared of licorice, then come on in

Reviewed by Jonny

May 18, 2015


Does this bag look god to you?  Because if it doesn’t, then color me confused.


Sodergarden?  Please.  Sounds like a delicious field of Dr. Pepper & Coke, sprinkled with candy.  And this bag doesn’t do anything to move that thought out of my mind.  Right there on the cover we can see a virtual cornucopia of candies, heavy on the licorice.  To many, that’s a deal breaker.  To us?  That’s the spice of life, friends.


Whoah….Lots of things happening here.  Clearly, it’s an interesting mix….but is it TOO interesting?  Interesting to the point of being alienating?  Let’s break down the contents.


Top row has a couple different flavors of the ‘ol gummy/licorice thing in fish form.  Cause if you don’t like licorice, you’ll LOVE it if it look like fish, right?  Right below and to the left is the piece I found most interesting-it’s a rhubarb & strawberry creme filled chew.  I’ve had these before, and they’re yum, but it seems a little edgy for this mix.  To the right of that is a standard licorice tube.  The row under is straight gummi- A heart with foam bottom, then a classic cola bottle, and to it’s right, a familiar twin cherry, followed up by two lonely tiny bears.  On the bottom is a twisted to all hell gummy pacifier.

And that’s the bag.  Overall, a very cool mix, but you gotta be down with licorice or it’s a waste of your time.  Mrs. Guru enjoyed picking through the non-licorice pieces until I took the bag to work and she yelled at me.  Too much candy in the house, not enough…I can’t figure it out.  Let me know if you do.

I looked up Sodergarden, and it appears that they make much more than candy-like…a lot of savory food products as well.  To that I say huzzah, as this is a damn fine mix, especially for people who are usually busy making dried gravy packets.  If you happen to be not anywhere close to where you are right now, keep your eyes open for a bag.


Oh, also-you can get the Strawberry & Rhubarb tubes in a lot of British sweets stores.  Local listings may vary.

Zolli Candy


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