Let’s Just Call These “Chimney Sweepers” for now…

If you can get past the name-which honestly, I can't-you'll find a great candy

Reviewed by Jonny

January 5, 2015

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So…this is a weird one.  I received a bag of hard candies from Serbia.  On the cover is a dude who’s clearly a chimney sweeper.  And they’re called….



Um, yeah.  Negro.  So me being all optomistic, I thought this must be a cultural thing-and I’m sure it is-but I can’t find a damn thing on the web to explain the absurd name, given that it’s 2015.  Ordinarily, I’d shrug it off, but the thing is…these are GOOD.



Over the years we’ve seen a few good licorice and mint combos, and this ranks right up there.  Billed as a sore throat remedy (if I’m understanding the translation correctly), they might actually harness a little Menthol as well.  The primary flavor is licorice, but underneath it, there’s a very nice minty menthol thing happening.  And I like.


Bonus points for the fact that after a while, you can chew it, as there’s a soft center.  Super yum.


If there actually was a way for y’all to buy these, I’d wax on about the inappropriate name, at least in American standards.  Then I’d go on to say that, in 2015, there shouldn’t be a damn country in the world that doesn’t understand the loaded context of the word “Negro”.  Then I’d advise you against buying them, even though they’re good.  I get that these have been around since 1917, but…let’s get real.  Maybe change them to the Serbian name for coal?  Just an idea.


But I won’t do any of that.  I’ll just continue to eat these, and then pretend they never happened.



Zolli Candy


  1. mogu

    They’re name after the guy who originally invented the candy, Pietro Negro.

  2. ttpityu

    This candys is original classic hungarian item … not serb.


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