Leather Sugars and Milk Candies : A Tale of Two Treats

Is it caramel, creme brulee, milk, or government issued filth?

Reviewed by Jonny

October 26, 2011

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Dodie, friend of the Candy Gurus and Flight Attendant extraordinaire, is always good for picking up out of the ordinary candy on her worldly jaunts.  Sometimes they’re good, sometimes not so good, but the one thing we can always count on is that we won’t be able to pronounce any of it.  No exception this time, as she kicked down 2 bags recently:


Hey, I CAN pronounce this one!  “Leather Sugar”.  …Leather sugar?

Check out the majesty.  I know it looks like a sesame seed covered ambiguous gel, but….that’s exactly what it is.  How would you expect it to taste?  Me, I’d think pungent, chewy and confusing.  In reality, it’s almost like a bite of nothingness-very mild, vague, and gel-like.  With seeds.  A total miss.  Nothing at ALL to see here.  I think they must be various “flavors” but I didn’t notice any difference at all between the different colored wrappers.  In any case, forget about those.  Let’s talk about these:

On the surface, these are like an industrial army-issued candy.  Nothing fancy, nothing special.  Standard issue white bag of candy….described (in English, no less!) as “High Concentrated Milk Candy”.  Still doesn’t sound good.


The unveiling…

Talk about underwhelming.  It’s like they purposely tried to avoid making it look in any way appealing or interesting.  Mission accomplished!  Thankfully though, that doesn’t matter.  These are a hidden gem.  the concentrated milk candy tag really does the best job of describing them, although I’ve had folks ask if they were creme brulee candies, and I’ve been describing them as “milk caramels”.  They have a rich, milky, creamy caramel-like flavor that’s pretty unique.  It’s not often-aside from Werther’s Caramels-that you find a hard candy that’s creamy and rich in a good way.  It’s like the gift that keeps on giving, as you get that sweet payoff again and again.  Milkier, creamier, yet…all in a hard candy that lasts and lasts.


I bring candy to work.  A lot.  And almost always, there’s a divided response to them, especially the weird stuff.  This candy though might be the first thing that everyone has liked.  Literally, everyone.  I’m eating one right now, and it’s great.


I did a little research on this (although I’m betting that any of our readers in the Bay Area will be able to find these at tons of Asian grocery stores) and found this website that has them, as well as Strawberry and “salty” versions.  Wow.  Can’t wait to try those.


Quality stuff here-check these out for something delicious and different.  As for the leather sugars though…let’s promise to never speak of them again.

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  1. matty

    I think they should have made the color a bit more drab.
    Also, it looks like milk gone bad, no? Lactose intolerant folks be damned.
    Can’t wait to try them though.


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