Lakrisal Licorice Pastilles

Very interesting, very unique licorice weirdness

Here’s a fun one! It’s a tube of salty licorice discs.  Also, admit it: you didn’t know what a pastille was and still don’t-yet.

Fun fact: literally NO ONE I gave this to could eat it.  All of them spat it out.  I promise, had Matty been around, he would have liked them. He gets it.

Because the other fun fact is that I really liked these.  Now I’ll admit, they’re super intense, and quite apparently not for everyone.  But if you like salty licorice, you should in theory kinda dig these.


Instead of a hard candy, think of something like a Necco Wafer, but intensely licorice flavored.  Immediately, you get salt, a decent amount of it. The licorice then creeps in, but a bit slowly.  Slower certainly than chewy licorice, and definitely slower than any licorice hard candy I’ve ever had.  In fact, I’d say that while licorice is on display here, salt is just as present, but NOT in an unappetizing way.  It’s not that ammonia style of licorice (I really don’t like that).

I’m realizing as I write this that these do in fact have that molasses flavor that some licorice holds.  I usually don’t love that, and while I might not LOVE these, I enjoyed it in this format.


I mean, they’re Dutch, for fuck’s sake!


Zolli Candy

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  1. Matty

    I do love the Dutch. Espesh the tall blonde Dutch women if you know what I mean and you must because I just wrote it yeah!


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