Lach Gummi Topicaras bird shaped jellies are outstanding

This is what fruit jellies are supposed to taste and feel like

Reviewed by Jonny

February 22, 2019


Storck Nimm2 seems to dole out tons of varieties of “things”. Mostly gummies and chews, with some hard candies on occasion. This time though, much to my glee, they made some jellies. You can tell if you look at them in the bag close enough: they have that dull, non gummy sheen to them.

See what I mean?

Truly though, you never really know till you take a bite. So check it-that’s what I did.

Look at the delightful parrots! Or Toucans! Some sort of tropical bird.

Here’s the bad news: I had a really hard time identifying what flavors these were. Granted, I didn’t try very hard, but…I didn’t find the flavors to be reminiscent necessarily of their respective fruit.

Here’s the good news though: they’re absolutely incredible. In the world of fruit jellies, these are an example of exactly how to do it: slightly hard, crunchy (slightly) exterior, silky, cool smooth interior. Blooming flavors, excellent texture…the whole package.

Just tremendous. Marvelous.

In a conflicting twist of fate, they are available on Amazon, but at a super premium. My advice is to snag them if you see them locally, but perhaps wait till the price settles to get them via Amazon. However, if you’re super rich, then click the link below for tropically flavored perfectly textured jellies that will make your heart sing.



Zolli Candy


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