Kuma Moto Tomato Gummies

Close your eyes, imagine a steaming hot pizza with rich, velvety tomato paste layered on top- now stop. Put that in a gummy, and here we are.

Reviewed by Jonny

October 21, 2014

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Oh, Japan.  Always sharpening the cutting edge, always one step ahead.  First you beat us with better grape candy flavor, then you school us with cola flavors.  Now, you pave the way for vegetable based candy with tomato gummies?


The package is small, colorful, and just rife with tomato imagery.  Tomatoes??  Really? Really.


Check ’em out.  Nice, large sized gummies that could be strawberry or cherry, but not today.  When you open the pouch and smell, you’re absolutely bowled over with tomato essence.  If I had to liken it to a product, I’d say rich, deep tomato paste.  The smell, while pleasant, is overwhelming…

…which makes the eating experience even more interesting because the taste isn’t so overwhelming.  Yes, you get the tomato reduction flavor, but it’s packaged in a gummy, so it’s sweet.  And if there’s one thing tomatoes know, it’s sweet.  At first, you get a faint tomato essence, bundled with the strong smell.  It’s a nice eating experience, and doesn’t get out of control.  At the same time….it’s a damn tomato gummy, so if that concept freaks you out, you likely won’t dig on these too much.


Most people who tried these didn’t hate them: a few really liked them.  I enjoyed them, simply due to the originality of the experience.  It certainly got me thinking-if we can have a tomato gummy, how about carrot?  Bell pepper?  Cilantro?  Regardless, these tomato gummies are interesting, and who knows, if I ever found them stateside, I might pick them up.

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  1. katie

    where do i order these?

    • Jonny

      I can’t seem to find a link that’s working these days, but I’l keep trying. Try googling Japan candy stores online, I bet one of them can get them for you if they don’t already stock it.

      Good luck!


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