Kolsvart Sour Raspberry Candy Fish

How many friggin varieties of "swedish" Fish are gonna review??!!
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We all know what the American version of Swedish Fish are, and a lot of us like them. They’re tasty. But we also now know what authentic real Swedish Fish are, and those blow doors on our little American red ones, especially those made by Malaco.

But now we have these, which appear at first look to be a super artisinal Sour Swedish Fish candy, made in Malmo, Sweden.

I absolutely adore this packaging. A plain waxed paper bag, it somehow adds authenticity AND quality. That’s a tough thing to achieve!

The first thing to know about these is that ingredients-wise, they couldn’t be more different than our American version. These are vegan, and have nothing artificial in them of any kind. Things like carrot concentrate and raspberry aroma are actual ingredients in these. Their “best used by” date isn’t next year: it’s next month.

Bigger than “normal” Swedish Fish, these are coated in a sour powder, but they also offer “regular” Swedish Fish, or Roding.

The first thing to know is that the sour level on these is low, more of a tart thing. But the nice thing about that is that it doesn’t step on the flavor, which is….amazing. Tasting real raspberry in candy isn’t common, it’s almost always simulated. But this is real, and it’s marvelous.

The fish are soft, but chewy, much like what most of us are used to. Aside from that, everything about these is superior. And when I compare them to the Malaco version….it’s a very different thing from those as well. These just have an upscale taste to them, if that makes sense. There’s a perfume-y aspect, which I usually take as a bad thing: this time, it adds a floral edge of raspberry smell to the wonderful flavor.

I really love these. But they’re not cheap. The good news though, is that you can get them from a great Swedish candy website I stumbled upon, Sweetishcandy.com. Get it?

Based out of Pennsylvania, I honestly think they might be the best Swedish candy site, and there’s now a few solid options. Their shipping is so inexpensive, it makes getting pounds and pounds of your favorite Swedish candy in bulk not super expensive.

Click the link below to check these out, as well as tons of other great, authentic Swedish treats.

Zolli Candy


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