Kiwi Caramelos – Someone help me, please.

My friend Shannon travels the world for business.  Usually on a red eye flight watching bad TV on his iPhone, but..he’s traveling.  And he’s a fan of the candy, like so many of us.  Recently he brought me one of his favorites, kiwi flavored “Caramelos” from…somewhere.  I have no idea where.It’s a tiny box, packed to the rim with cut candy little tubes of goodness.  My experience with cut candy is somewhat limited, usually of the Christmas candy variety.  Meaning….boring and not that tasty.  I’ve found that yes, they look cute, but they really don’t taste that great.

The detail is kind of awesome though-check out the little specks of kiwi seed they replicated.  Nice touch.  However, I was skeptical, as I was anticipating sweet genera flavored nothingness.  I didn’t expect to eat this entire box in one sitting.  Let’s talk about it.


The first thing you’ll notice with these is the nice natural kiwi flavor.  I say natural because it tastes like kiwi, but I have no idea if it’s filled with toxins or not.  It’s sweet, has JUST a bit of tartness, and overall is a good kiwi flavor.  The interesting thing about these is the texture-they’re not simply hard candies.  They have a bit of give to them.


After a bit of sucking, they become a bit soft-but just a bit.  This creates a super satisfying chew.  It’s the rare combination of a hard candy that lasts a while, with just a bit of chewing, and a nice original flavor.
The point is…I want to buy these again.  But I can’t.  Folks, this time I need YOUR help.  Will someone please point me towards a web link where I can buy these?  Or conversely, I could send Shannon half way around the world every few days when I want some but somehow that just seems like a waste of fuel.  And his wife would kill me.


Usually I can at least find somewhere to buy them overseas (that doesn’t ship to the US, but at least it proves they exist).  I cannot find ANYTHING about these.  So help us out!  Let’s do this!

6 thoughts on “Kiwi Caramelos – Someone help me, please.

  1. Shannon, I was actually gonna buy this thing, but…I can’t tell what’s in it, and it looks like there’s only one pack of the kiwi.

    Looks like you’re going back to Madrid, baby!!!

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