King Leo’s Soft Pomegranate Sticks Beat Down Old School Candy Canes

Do you really look forward to eating candy canes? No one else does either. These might change that.

Reviewed by Jonny

December 7, 2009


It’s holiday time, and that means a few things: watching the credit card bill expand, watching your waistline expand, and eating seasonal candy.  Let’s face it- for the most part, holiday candy is weak.  Candy canes?  Weak.  “Old fashioned” ribbon candy?  Please, that shit is gross.  Sure, there’s chocolate all over the place, but for that, you’re talking to the wrong guy and at the wrong website.  For me, the best holiday candy is peppermint bark, but now…things are changing.


Check out these soft pomegranate sticks:




They look exactly like candy canes.  That’s where the similarities stop though.  There’s nothing minty about these at all.  They’re a good, natural pomegranate flavor-sweet, tangy, and just a bit tart.  They have the exact same flavoring (of course) as King Leo’s pomegranate puffs.  The unique aspect of these sticks though, is their “soft” billing.




Unlike regular candy canes, which are just hard candy, these soft sticks are…well, soft.  But not at first.   When you start getting your suck on, they have the same feel as a traditional candy cane.  However, if you start teething it like a baby on a biscuit, it provides a little give.  If you give it a serious bite, it won’t shatter-instead, you can break off a chunk, which starts breaking down a bit as you chew it.  The mouthfeel is similar to the pomegranate puffs, but not exactly the same.  These are totally unique and unlike any other candy I’ve had.



Think about it this way- when’s the last time you walked up to a Christmas tree, or to a peppy co-worker’s desk, anywhere where there were candy canes at the ready, and actually ate one?  And taking this to the next step, the last time you did eat a candy cane-did you finish it?  That’s why all these candy companies have been making “flavored” candy canes (Sweet Tarts candy canes, Nerds candy canes, Starburst candy canes, etc).  They’re just trying to get their flavor on, and for that, I commend them.  But none of these others-despite ALL being tastier that traditional candy canes- are even close to being as juicy and tasty as King Leo’s.

Try picking up a box or two of these, put them in a bowl on your desk, and watch the hilarity that ensues.  Don’t tell anyone that they’re pomegranate, or soft, or anything.  Wait & see if anyone eats any-I bet they won’t!  Then give a few away and see what happens.  The bad news is that there won’t be any left for you, but the good news is that you’ll be spreading the word:  serving official notice to old school candy canes to get their asses on the tree, and safe distance away from where some poor sap might try to eat them.  Those are for decoration. King Leo’s Soft Pomegranate Sticks are for eatin’.


‘Nuff said. Here’s a direct link to order them from King Leo himself, if you’re interested.




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  1. Connie Austin

    King Leos, have the best Pomergrante Puffs.

  2. Jonny

    Sort of-They’re a bit harder, and retain a bit more “solid-ness” throughout. However, they ssort of have the same way of breaking down as the peppermint puffs. Try them, they’re really good.

  3. Rosa

    Those sound great! Are they like peppermint puffs in texture?


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