King Leo’s Chocolaty Pillows

Scotty likes nuts n' bits in his mouth. Oh, and peppermints.

Reviewed by Scotty

January 5, 2010

So Jonny Guru is basically a dealer. Call it drugs, or sugar or whatever. He is my Pusher Man and I am his junky. To some extent vice versa but mostly he is handing over dime bags of treats to me on a pretty regular basis and I thank him because I NEEEEEEEEEED it.

A couple of months ago he hands me a baggie of various treats – some good – some pretty lousy – he doesn’t discriminate. Loose on the bottom were about 15 little peppermint wafers. They didn’t look very appealing just thrown in there – some were chipped and looked pretty ragged. It took me some time before I even tried these, and at that point everything else was actually gone.


As you can see, these King Leo-created confections look like little peppermint pillows and while I like peppermint some – too much is just, well, too much.Quick aside – do you think more candy canes go partially eaten or fully devoured. I personally could fathom a world where no candy cane has actually ever been completely decimated.
Anyway, Choco-Crisps come in three flavors – Choco-Mints, Choco-Orange and Choco-Rasberry. These Choco-Mint Crisps taste just like the candy cane flavor everyone knows – maybe a bit less harsh. The texture is a bit different – more porous – a bit more brittle. I like that about candy when the uniqueness of the texture allows me to play with it in my mouth. I love nuts and bits and other textures in my candies – love eating off coatings on sours and chips off of cookies. These have there own interesting mouth feel.

So I pop one in with no expectation because I haven’t even seen packaging, and I start sucking on this peppermint pouch for about 2 minutes. I let it sit in there and then suck out the peppermint flavor from the tiny holes in it. The candy is getting more and more crisp and brittle and flecks are starting to come off and then it happened.

It cracked like an egg hit only hard enough for a little seepage, and I get my first hit of chocolate flavor. Then out comes this warm almost pudding like chocolate. Yumm – seriously yummmm. The pouches are filled with a dry chocolate. If you pop one in and take a bite the chocolate is like a dry bar texture but the warmth of my mouth caused the chocolate to heat up and melt. I’ve eaten many of these both ways and being patient is worth the reward. I’m all for taking my time with candy. I eat less and it lasts longer, and perhaps my ever expanding belly can cease expansion ’til the pusher man comes along again.

I was in love with these, until Jonny recently gave me a box to review. I certainly thought these were good before…but as I was eating the new box it seemed to me that I may have put them on too high of a pedestal. Its interesting how food does that to you – tasting awesome one day and just OK another. Regardless, these are worth a try. And a big thanks to King Leo again for supplying the Candygurus another great confection — They got sack. Because you know if we hate the candy – we rip them.

Nothing but love here, however. Go try some of these – you’ll definitely be pleased.



Zolli Candy


  1. Ev

    I will have to try this one!

  2. matty

    Marilyn Bordeaux is one of the best names ever.

  3. Marilyn Bordeaux

    This candy is like heaven in a little peppermint pillow! Have been searching for years for peppermint candy sticks called ‘jack straws’ and found these while Christmas shopping this week. More than a reasonable facsimile, they are absolutely delicious! The peppermint itself has the good old fashioned peppermint flavor and the chocolate filling is a lovely little chocolate ‘surprise’ that will make you smile!
    Sadly, I’ve been informed by King Leo that these are being discontinued. I’ve ordered a case of them and will be rationing them out, believe me!

  4. Jonny

    Love King Leo, but not a huge peppermint fan. I’ll give them this though-these are original and unique.


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