King Leo Royal Mints : Civilized Mints. At Last!

King Leo make some pretty yummy mint-based candies.  We’ve reviewed a few. They understand how to mix different kinds of flavors with mint.  Some of their highlights have been their key lime, pomegranate, and of course their insane bark.  But now they’re going uptown.


What you’re looking at are three different bags of individually wrapped flavor-infused mints. Citrus-mint, Vanilla-mint, and good ‘ol Peppermint.  They all have their unique qualities, but at the same time, all have a classic mint taste that ties them together.  Additionally, they’re made with all natural ingredients, which I like.  However, as is the case with natural things. sometimes the appearance is a little less than outrageous:



Color wise, you get what’s in it.  On the left, vanilla mint, which is just a bit tan.  In the middle is peppermint, which is more or less white.  The right side holds citrus mint, which has a faint yellow color to it.  This kind of thing for me is actually a nice reminder that it’s real and natural, so it doesn’t bother me at all.


Now to the flavor.  The first question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you like mints.  If the answer is no, then read no further: these aren’t going to change your mind.  The next thing we need to tackle is that these are the opposite of working class pragmatic utilitarian mints like Altoids: you’re not popping one of these to cover the garlic fries you had for lunch.


Jesus, I love french fries.


So these aren’t power horses like Altoids.  Fine.  As long as we know that going in, it won’t be a disappointment.  Think of these things like the name suggests : Royal.  They’re decadent.  Let’s take the flavor I was most eager to try for example : the citrus-mint.  If you know me at all, you know I’m all about citrus.  Acidic, tangy, sharp citrus is among my favorite flavors on earth.  This isn’t that.  This is rich, creamy citrus mint.  In fact all three of these flavors have a “creamy” aspect that ties them together, and gives them an indulgent feel.


But how can a mint be creamy, you say?  That’s what makes these things, and King Leo in general, pretty special.  Like other King Leo products (puffs, sticks), these are not classic hard candies.  They’re more of a chalky consistency: one that breaks down and “crumples” for lack of a better term as you suck it.  Sort of two candies in one.


I found myself gravitating back to the peppermint.  It’s definitely my favorite of the three.  Junior though, he was nuts over the citrus-mint.  For fun, click the video below of him trying to “pop one” in his mouth.


If you’re a fan of mints, or even better, interesting variations on mint, you gotta check these out.  If not, …just watch the damn video below.  The kid is funny.  Not good though.





  1. Moi

    We just started carrying these in bulk at my work and we had bags of samples all over but we ate them all! I loved the Vanilla the most at first but the Citrus grew on me, particularly when the bag in my office dwindled as I picked out all the Vanillas then Peppermints and they were all that was left!
    I lurve them!


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