Keeping Current. Keeping Black Currant.

Since we reviewed Haribo’s delicious black currant flavored sour “belt” type candy last time, let’s stick with the black currant theme and roll on with these:

“Keystered” in the country by a mule hired discreetly by my pal Johnny M, these things are more or less considered contraband. Similar to the Pasta Flaggas in flavoring only, these are at the other side of the spectrum. Instead of being tinged with tangy sour flavoring, they only showcase the complex flavor of black currants. Turns out, that’s a pretty amazing thing.

Black currants can be described as a cross between grapes, raspberries, and…something else. There’s a deepness to their flavor that’s unlike any other fruit I’ve ever tasted. And I never tasted these until I was an adult. Turns out they’re drastically more popular in the UK, as they were/are a good source of vitamin C. During WWII, oranges were almost impossible to come by across the pond, so the government encouraged folks to cultivate black currants. Because of this, the black currant flavor has remained super popular over there. Here? People think it’s a band name.

Not bad looking, right? They’re not small either, so each one is a bit of a mouthful. I’d love to see these in a miniature size, but that’s just me. I dig miniatures. You can eat more and trick yourself into thinking that you don’t get fat(ter) sitting on the couch, watching your favorite baseball team eke out another win by one run while loading the bases in the 9th inning.

I highly recommend these, coz they’re delicious, but also…they give a bit of a purer representation of the flavor of a black currant.

As for where to get this – well, …if that was an easy problem to solve, they wouldn’t have to be “keystered” here, would they?!




6 thoughts on “Keeping Current. Keeping Black Currant.

  1. Hi, does anyone know where you buy or order these? I tried two different ALDIs in Chicago, IL, but have yet to find them. Thanks.

  2. I am crazy for all things black currant flavored. If you are looking for mini black currant candies, try what they call “millions” in the UK. Tiny, but with a lot of black currant flavor.

  3. From the bag design and style (and the lingering memory I may have had these before), I think they came from the German Aldi, which makes a lot of store brand products in this sorta style

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