Katjes Yoghurt-Schoko-Gums

In concept, these chocolate flavored yogurt gummies sound just awful. In practice...they're anything but.

Reviewed by Jonny

February 14, 2017

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Chocolate Yogurt gummies.  That’s a new one in my book, and at first, I wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

What I thought was in the bag was very different than reality proved.  I assumed we’d have that milky Euro yogurt gummy type thing, with added flavors of chocolate.  It didn’t sound particularly good, as I’m not a huge fan of yogurt gums, and adding chocolate didn’t sweeten the pot any for me.  But I was so completely wrong, and I knew it as soon as I looked in the bag.

They’re not your garden variety yogurt gums, and they’re not chocolate flavored-that’s a “solid chocolate bottom”.  Which coincidentally is the name of my new album, release date TBD.  Here’s  little closer look:

I mistakenly thought there were only 4 flavors in the bag, but I was wrong-there’s 6: strawberry, lemon, pear, cherry, blueberry & raspberry.  And they’re not gummies-at all.  In fact, they’re much closer to a very soft fruit jelly (yay!).  Eating one goes like this: an effortless bite right through it, with no pull or resistance at all from the “gum”.  Then you have a marriage of  really nice chocolate and a tart accurate fruit flavor, with a soft, pleasant jam-like consistency.  Very luxurious, and very delicious.


So much so in fact, that I was floored.  Every single person I shared them with at work liked them, and they’re starting to become a critical crowd, so that was impressive.  It’s not often we come across new takes on candy here, so it’s certainly welcome-frankly, innovation is always welcome, even if the candy stinks.

These are a tough find, we got ya covered with the link below.


Who knew?!


Zolli Candy


  1. Matty

    Fruit jellies with Chocolate? Sounds like my nemesis.

  2. mikeUJ

    oh my yum. katjes is some good fkn sh!t


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