Katjes Yoghurt-Schoko-Gums

Chocolate Yogurt gummies.  That’s a new one in my book, and at first, I wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

What I thought was in the bag was very different than reality proved.  I assumed we’d have that milky Euro yogurt gummy type thing, with added flavors of chocolate.  It didn’t sound particularly good, as I’m not a huge fan of yogurt gums, and adding chocolate didn’t sweeten the pot any for me.  But I was so completely wrong, and I knew it as soon as I looked in the bag.

They’re not your garden variety yogurt gums, and they’re not chocolate flavored-that’s a “solid chocolate bottom”.  Which coincidentally is the name of my new album, release date TBD.  Here’s  little closer look:

I mistakenly thought there were only 4 flavors in the bag, but I was wrong-there’s 6: strawberry, lemon, pear, cherry, blueberry & raspberry.  And they’re not gummies-at all.  In fact, they’re much closer to a very soft fruit jelly (yay!).  Eating one goes like this: an effortless bite right through it, with no pull or resistance at all from the “gum”.  Then you have a marriage of  really nice chocolate and a tart accurate fruit flavor, with a soft, pleasant jam-like consistency.  Very luxurious, and very delicious.


So much so in fact, that I was floored.  Every single person I shared them with at work liked them, and they’re starting to become a critical crowd, so that was impressive.  It’s not often we come across new takes on candy here, so it’s certainly welcome-frankly, innovation is always welcome, even if the candy stinks.

These are a tough find, we got ya covered with the link below.


Who knew?!


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