Katjes Kinder : Little Black Licorice Cats That Don’t Shed

If you claim to like licorice, then you need to have a bag of these on hand at all times. The pinnacle of "emergency candy"

Reviewed by Jonny

September 26, 2012

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Black licorice-nay, I mean real licorice, isn’t for everyone.  It’s as polarizing as the election coming up, the Dodgers vs. The Giants, or One Direction vs. The Beebs.  If you don’t have an opinion in either camp, then your’e not paying attention.


Just so we’re on the same page, the Candy Gurus votes:


The Giants (duh)

The Beebs.  She’s a delight!


For those that don’t enjoy licorice, you’ll hate these.  But this review isn’t for those people: it’s for you.  Cause you’re smart, and you enjoy the classic, earthy, yet edgy and varied tastes that licorice can afford.  The problem we all have though, is that most licorice is really not very good.  That’s why-for the most part-you gotta look to our friends from the other side of the world.  Specifically, Germany and Holland. The story behind Katjes is that a Dutch dude made a little licorice cat candy (yep, these) in 1910.  Then some stuff happened, and yadda yadda ya, they now have an outstanding candy company.  We’ve reviewed many of their products, from fruit gums to a ton of different varieties of licorice, and for the most part, their products are top of the line.  As for the name “Katjes” – it means “little cat”, yo!

Describing these, they sound very plain : a VERY firm  (I’d even say pretty damn hard) classic licorice taste.  They’re not salted (or at least, if they are, it’s extremely faint), and trust me when I say this: these stick on your teeth like a sumbitch.  For whatever reason, I don’t tend to mind that so much.

Fun game: put three in your mouth, and then when the shredded up pieces stick to your teeth, put three more in your mouth and “use” them to knock the little stuck pieces free.  It’s like a never ending thrill ride.


I’m not doing a wonderful job of selling these, I know.  But let me make this much clear: these are excellent.  There’s something so pure and so classic about these…they never let me down.  While it”s true that I don’t crave licorice as often as I do other kinds of candies, when I do get the craving, nothing else can satisfy it.  These cats are on my short list of licorice solutions.  I don’t particularly like soft licorice, but in the world of firmer licorice, these are about as firm as I go.  A definite must try for any licorice lover though, regardless of consistency preferences.


The best part of all of this is that certain varieties of Katjes candies-including these- are widely available here in the states.  Try a bag of these out-if you’re a licorice lover and you don’t like them, drop me a line.  I might respond with an overtone of disappointed yelling, but I WILL respond.  Enjoy!

here’s a link:

Zolli Candy


  1. Traci

    My only licorice…became a Katjes junkie while stationed in Germany. I’m a pro at the eat more to get it off your teeth method!

  2. Steffen

    German dude, German company 😉

    • mattycandy

      Kinda. 3rd biggest in Germany now, but started in Netherlands: Am 23. November 1910 gründete Josef Langenberg in ’s-Heerenberg in den Niederlanden ein Unternehmen.

      • Steffen

        Yes, but in 1950 it was split up into two different, independent companies, which trade today under the names “Fassin B.V.” (the dutch one) and “Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG” (the German one). Both companies are controlled by different parts of the family, which is why the corporate identities are totally different.
        While the Fassin B.V. sells many of Katjes products under license in the Netherlands (www.katja.nl), most products that are sold in Germany have been actually developed in Emmerich, Germany after the split up. There are only two exceptions:
        1. The “Katjes Kinder” product has been sold in the Netherlands before the split-up.
        2. The “Back to the roots”-liquorice is a Dutch product.

        • mattycandy

          you are hired

  3. Alex

    Where can i purchase these?

    • jonnyguru

      Alex, you can easily find them on amazon.com or at cost plus world markets.

  4. DoctaDave

    Your review:

    Katjes Kinder : Little Black Licorice Cats That Don’t Shed

    I laughed so hard you almost made me pee my pants…because you are absolutely right in everything you say about these cats!!! Really funny!

    Right on!

    • jonnyguru

      thanks DoctaDave!

  5. Matty

    “The Beebs – she’s a delight!” is maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever read.


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