Katjes Euro Munzen : Interesting, Yummy, and a bit Weird

If you eat real money, you'll get chlamydia. Try these instead.

Reviewed by Jonny

May 16, 2012

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Thanks to Germanshop24.com, I can keep the buyable reviews coming, even of hard to find grub.  Today. we eat money.


To be fair, I first got these from my patron Saint Susie.  And I loved them (thanks Suze!), so I had to hunt them down, which was part of the process of discovering Germanshop24.com.  And no, they don’t give us kickbacks.  We’re just excited that we can actually find a link for y’all to buy these delicious treats.  We’re shrinking the world, 3 ounces of back fat at a time.


From Katjes’ own website:

“Just like the hard currency in real life, our Euro Münzen also vanish in the blink of an eye. But perhaps it would not be a bad idea to spend a bit more time to appreciate the intensely-sour flavour of pineapple, lemon, orange, cherry and redcurrants. What we believe to be a monetary benefit!”


(…beat) Hey Katjes: Cut it out.  Just make the damn candy.



They also advertise (thank GOD) that these candies are “without apple juice/pulp”.  Is that supposed to be good?  Maybe in Germany they throw apple pulp into ghetto candy?  If anyone knows, please shed some light on this.  For now though, back to the coins.

These have the signature Katjes mouthfeel-chewy, yet soft, with pull.  And the flavors?  I have to say, if one was to ask me if Haribo or Katjes made better flavors, I’d probably side with Katjes.  I said probably though, so don’t get your jocks in a bunch.  But the flavors taste so true and natural, I’d really be shocked if they didn’t have real fruit in them.  No apples of course, but…the fruits they represent.  The chews start of just a tiny bit tart and very sweet.  The thing I like about these is that the sour really blooms as you’re finishing the chew.  It gets downright tart at the end, but when you throw another one in your cake hole, you get that needed reprieve from the sour, and then the cycle begins again.


There is, however, a slightly weird (and I mean VERY slight) undertone to these.  I’m not sure what the taste is, but it’s somewhat savory.  Perhaps this is associated somehow with the fact that, if I leave a handful of these on paper, there will be a little stain left?  Grease?  Butter?  Bison lard?  I’m not sure.  But trust me when I say that this is a minor issue, and probably a preservative or something.


These are great.  And I don’t just review ’em — I buy ’em too!  Much like the Hair Club For Men.  Although I’m not the President of Katjes.

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  1. susie

    Right then – did a little research (compulsory, given I am your patron Saint.. 😉 ) about the apple juice / pulp. Apparently, 2 million Germans are allergic to apples.. There you have it – we are a bunch of wimps.

  2. Matty

    Me. Want. Now. 

  3. Jamie

    I’m guessing the reason for the no apple juice is because it’s often used as a filler in other juices/candies.


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