Just Born Mike & Ike Zours

I’ve eaten these yearsssss ago.  I remember thinking they were meh, so why try again? Because …life is an evolution, right?  We live, we learn, we grow, we change?  Maybe?


Since the older days when I first tried these, they’re now branded a bit differently, they’re called something a bit different, and for all I know, the recipe has changed (I now see the “Made with real fruit juice” text that won’t there before.  So in short, I had no real idea what was going to happen, but I had the big box, kids, so ….it was either gonna be really good, or the same as before-meh.

Before I go on, I do have to say that using such a big box is kind of a bummer, when the candy inside doesn’t fill up a third of it.  Example A:


Here’s a side shot for potentially better perspective:


There’s a lot of nothing in that box.  Which isn’t to say that they don’t give you a good portion-they do.  It’s just that old conundrum of packaging that bugs me.  I’m sure that there’s a “theater box space” that they have to be a part of, but it’s silly.  Make the box JUST fit this same exact amount of candy, and people think they’re getting a better deal, and you can fit more on shelves.  Yes, it’s just me whining, but you guys get me, right?

To the candy, then.

zours-openI just love the way these things look.  And lemmee tell ya-I think I like the way they taste even more.  They’re sour, no doubt.  But they’re not over the top “pain-sour”, so the flavors stand up a bit stronger than just a wave of sour.  And as for those flavors?  The absolute standard in candy these days:

Green Apple

Blue Raspberry





There’s a reason these flavors are the most popular, but honestly, would throwing orange or grape in there kill ya?


Bottom line though- just like my recent review of Mike & Ike Originals, I really like these.  The great combination of chewy, soft, strong flavor, and excellent sour balance, is a winner.  When I’m in a sour mood, which is almost always, I think I’d put these on par with Sour Skitts, at least as far as what one can get readily here in the states.  Grab a bag-or a gigantor sized box like this-and check ’em out for yourself.

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