Juicy Gummee Rainbow Pencils

Sure, we all chewed on pencil erasers back in the day, but did you ever EAT one? Probably poisoned you, if so. Now we have an edible version, and damn if they aren't gorgeous.

Reviewed by Jonny

March 13, 2017

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I’ve always appreciated the presentation of food.  Make it look pretty, It’ll probably taste pretty.  If it looks like crap, it still might taste amazing, but man, it’s not inviting.  It’s no different with candy: it’s supposed to be vibrant, bright, and colorful, at least those are the rules in my world.  Immediately, these appealed to me:

For a lot of reasons.  They look kinda cool, decidedly European, and the rainbow treatment on the candies isn’t hurting matters either.  Also it’s fun to eat pencils-this time ones that actually are edible.  Shoutout to 4th grade.

Just awesome looking.  I’m not sure if the photos are doing them justice, but the colors are so deep, it almost looks like glass.

The outside is tough & chewy, and the inside is a dry yet creamy interior.  The overall taste is kind of middle of the road, but….they’re just fun to eat.

There’s a slight tang to the exterior.  Ultimately though, I’d bet if I handed these to 10 people, 3 would report liking it.  It’s weird-a tough, chewy fake pencil with a nondescript center.  But there’s a lingering fruit taste that I like, and as I’ve said a few times, they’re just fun to eat.   I’d recommend these to fans of “fun” candy, but honestly….there’s something there in the flavor & eating experience as well.



You’re not likely to find these on a proper online retailer, but click the link below for an Ebay seller who has them at a very reasonable price.

Zolli Candy


  1. greebs

    1) They’re called pencils. How do they write?

    2) The character on the bag looks suspiciously like Clippy from the old Microsoft Office. Not sure if that’s a bug, or a feature.

  2. matty

    Where they from?

    • Susie

      Your favourite country in the world, haha… Germany..


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